Why Is Tori Spelling, Daughter of Millionaires, Living in an RV?

Welcome back to Nepo Baby of the Week where we’re going to investigate one of the biggest questions consuming tabloids and gossip columns this week: why is Hollywood heiress Tori Spelling living in an RV?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of watching wealthy people on television, it’s that they love to remind their children (and themselves) that they could’ve had worse lives in the cringiest fashion.

I often think about an early episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kris and Caitlyn Jenner made their daughters, Kendall and Kylie, visit a homeless shelter in Skid Row, just so they could appreciate how comfortable their own lives are. This phenomenon occurs on Real Housewives occasionally, too, like that one episode of Orange County where Kelly Dodd suggests Shannon Beador drive her daughters to the projects, basically like a poor-people zoo, to teach them a lesson on gratitude.

Celebrities seem to love having these self-serving engagements with the “real world,” before returning to their mansions where they’ll probably go back to complaining about their lives. (We all have problems, it’s fine!) One star currently being questioned for these shenanigans is Beverly Hills: 90210 actress and child of Hollywood royalty Tori Spelling, who’s reportedly making her kids live in an RV to teach them a “lesson on resilience.”

But is this surprising move actually some annoying rich-person stunt, or is Spelling, a newly divorced woman with a basketball team of children and a history of financial woes, truly just doing the best she can in the midst of a divorce? Let’s dig in!

Last week, Page Six reported that Spelling had moved to a trailer park, following her split from husband Dean McDermott, after years of publicized ups and downs, including a cheating scandal. Spelling and her five children were apparently still living in her California home after their breakup, but were forced to evacuate after she discovered toxic mold that she claimed in an Instagram post caused years of medical problems for her children.

She then reportedly moved in to her friend and Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg’s Bel-Air estate for a week before she and her family were caught by paparazzi at a motel. The last the family was seen, they were hanging outside of an RV. Spelling has also posted photos of her new mobile residence on Instagram, in which her kids seem to be in good spirits.

According to multiple outlets, there seems to be a lot of confusion from people close to Spelling—including her formerly estranged mother, actress Candy Spelling—as to why she’s choosing to cram her family into an RV. A source told Page Six that Flagg was willing to let her stay in his $9 million home, complete with a house manager and chef, for longer than she actually stayed and referred to her RV move as a “stunt.” Another source also claimed that Flagg had been sending her house listings for two weeks.

This week, one of Spelling’s friends, who works on the MTV show she co-hosts called Messyness explained her RV movie to the outlet.

“I think her saying no to Josh [Flagg] is just saying, ‘Thank you, I appreciate it, but I’m good,’” Joey Camasta told Page Six exclusively.

“‘I’m gonna teach my kids this lesson of resilience and show them that Mommy was raised with the money, and it didn’t get me where it should be,’” he continued. “‘I want to teach you kids that working hard and doing what it takes to take care of your family and stay together is ultimately what’s important.’”

Speaking of Spellings’ privileged upbringing, her formerly estranged mother, actress Candy Spelling, has been getting dragged online since the RV news broke for seemingly neglecting her daughter and grandchildren—to the point that she’s turned off her Instagram comments. The same Page Six source claims that Candy wasn’t aware of her daughter’s housing issues and was planning to buy her a new home. (Do I trust this from a woman who allegedly wouldn’t give her daughter any of the $600 million she inherited from her husband, leaving her with a relatively shabby $800,o00? I don’t know!)

Based on these accounts, it seems like Spelling may have other places to turn aside from an RV. However, hosting five children, between 6 and 16, isn’t a small ask. And I personally would be hesitant about taking up that much space in someone else’s home— unless they were Jeff Bezos—even for a few days!

Maybe Spelling is trying to teach her kids to appreciate simple things in life by forcing them into a tiny space, like her friend claims. But is it possible this RV move is also just a spontaneous end-of-the-summer activity for her and her kids before they go back to school? I know that, to wealthy people, staying in an RV probably sounds like a horror show. And the context of Spelling’s ongoing divorce and constant moving gives the impression that she’s desperate. But as someone who was invited by a neighbor to stay in their RV in West Virginia for a couple days as a kid, it was a perfectly fine, camp-like experience. Her and her family could very well be living their hippie lives until they find a new, adequately sized place.

There will probably be endless updates on this story, as Spelling is a perennial tabloid figure. And this housing saga is proving to be, in a word, messy. But we wish Donna Martin the best in her real-estate journey!

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