Welcome to Plathville Return Date, Trailer Released: “The Family is Falling Apart”

We’re about to be welcomed back to Plathville.

On August 8, TLC released the first trailer for Welcome to Plathville Season 5, revealing all the changes that are afoot for this formerly close-knit family.

Kim Plath and Barry Plath have separated, for example, while Ethan and Olivia may be headed down the same path.

The family is falling apart,” Ethan says at one point in the preview, which was unveiled on Tuesday by People Magazine. “And it’s a big old mess.”

Moriah Plath is a rebel, as she advertises in this photo from Welcome to Plathville Season 5. (TLC)

The promo opens with Moriah talking to her parents about her former best friend.

“She was using a made-up story to validate her big emotions,” she tells them, explaining to producers that Olivia claimed Kim had “used Ethan’s credit card and was stealing from Ethan.”

From there, we see Ethan and Olivia sharing an emotional hug as the latter says that she’s been ghosted by the Plath family members following a summer vacation she took to Europe.

Ethan also says that Moriah has blocked him.

Olivia and Ethan Plath share a hug in this Season 5 scene. (TLC)

One year ago, amid Olivia hurling shade at her mother-in-law, Moriah and her siblings released a statement that made it clear on whose side they are on.

On a July episode of Welcome to Plathville, the loved ones gathered for a memorial in honor of Joshua Plath, who died at 17 months old in 2008.

The details of what transpired at this emotional event were never made public — but even Olivia confessed she caused a scene.

Moriah, who has been very close to her sister-in-law for years, said on air that she reached a “breaking point” as a result of the drama, adding:

“I am so done. I am so over it. I’m just tired of fragile relationships.”

We’re throwing it back a little bit here to a photo of Ethan and Olivia from 2021. (Instagram)

Elsewhere, Micah is struggling to accept his parents’ separation while he’s on his own out in California.

He confesses in the video that he’s “still bitter about the whole divorce,” adding to his mom:

“I always thought you and dad were, like, perfect together,” he confides to his mom.

Micah later says he doesn’t want to “keep walking around eggshells around every single person” in the middle of all the drama.

Kim and Barry Plath

In other parts of the trailer, Olivia reconnects with her sister and Kim tells mystery man that he’s giving her all the “warm fuzzies.”

As for Moriah, she is featured with a giant tattoo across her arm that reads “REBEL.”

In the end, though, the footage returns to Olivia and Ethan and teases how the marriage may be falling apart.

“I get back, she’s gone,” he says as he finds what appears to be a letter of some kind. “I’m just so tired of all the nonsense.”

Kim Plath looks pretty happy with life in this confessional from Welcome to Plathville. (TLC)

At the very end of the trailer, Ethan can be made out dramatically crying, Olivia!

Welcome to Plathville Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, September 5 at 10/9c on TLC.

Visit the official People Magazine website to check out the preview in full.

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