Watch: A24’s trailer for Dicks: The Musical starring Megan Thee Stallion

A24 has just released the star-studded trailer for its first-ever movie musical, Dicks: The Musical. The new film, based on the off-Broadway play Fucking Identical Twins by Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson, features Tony winner Nathan Lane, Will & Grace legend Megan Mullally, SNL-alum Bowen Yang, and OG hot girl Megan Thee Stallion, who all star alongside Sharp and Jackson.

The plot revolves around Sharp and Jackson’s characters, two top salesmen who work at a firm run by Megan Thee Stallion’s yet-to-be-named character. After discovering that they are long-lost identical twins, the two embark on a mission to reunite their parents, played by Lane and Mullally.

The slapstick, chaotic trailer also stars Bowen Yang as God, and features snippets of original music by Megan and lots of camp and over-the-top numbers. Also, look out for the Sewer Boys, a pair of gross, gargoyle-esque, dancing twins locked away in a cage (no, really). The film is directed by Larry Charles, known for his work with Sacha Baron Cohen on Borat and Brüno, so expect the same level of insane humour.

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