Violet Confesses to Sabotaging Riley on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: I Was Embarrassed! I Lied!

After all of the drama that has unfolded on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, fans have questions.

One of them is whether there’s any chance that Riley and Violet are still together after everything.

So many factors led the two of them to block each other. One issue was Riley’s behavior being “rude in Vietnam.” He didn’t bring Violet’s mom a gift, remember?

It turns out that Riley asked Violet about that, even though she told the camera that he had not. She totally hung him out to dry.

Violet arrives home and tells her lovely daughters that Riley is there to visit them. This was their first time meeting him, and he was taller than they had expected. (TLC)

Earlier this season, we watched Violet introduce Riley to her family for the first time.

They had spoken on the phone, sure. And Riley had sent some gifts before.

Her daughters expressed delight to meet him. And Tuyet in particular marveled at how Riley was so much taller than she had guessed. Phones don’t tell you everything.

Riley came with gifts for Riley’s daughters. He had previously expressed his desire to “spoil” them. However, he did not have any gifts for Violet’s mom. (TLC)

When he visited, Riley came bearing gifts for both young women.

That is no surprise, as Riley had previously confessed to the camera that he looked forward to “spoiling” both of them. If, of course, things work out with Violet.

Here’s the thing. He didn’t have a present for Violet’s mother, and this wasn’t just a snub. According to her, he basically shot his chances with Violet in the foot.

Violet’s mother expressed her displeasure and disappointment at not receiving a customary gift from Riley. (TLC)

There was, she explained, a cultural expectation in Vietnam. And Riley had not met it — which soured her opinion of him.

(90 Day viewers are well aware that many cultures almost seem like pyramid schemes. We see people expecting young people to “pay it forward” to their elders on the promise that they will one day receive the same treatment from younger generations. Some of those cultures are in America, too)

Given that Violet’s mom already felt that Riley was too jealous and controlling, he did not do himself any favors.

Violet might be able to do more to help Riley navigate life as an American visiting Vietnam. If she chose to. (TLC)

Could Violet have advised Riley to bring a gift to appease her mother? Yes.

It’s her cultural tradition, not his. And even if she weren’t his local point of contact, presumably she wants him to make a good impression on her mom. Right?

However, Violet explained to the camera that she didn’t feel responsible. Riley, she argued, could look these things up.

According to Violet, Riley’s behavior is “rude in Vietnam.” Some forms of rudeness are nearly universal among cultures, but others — even the manner in which someone laughs, or whether one accepts or declines a gift — vary widely. (TLC)

She didn’t make that argument to him, however. Only to the camera.

Instead, she just spoke to him about how some of his behavior was “rude in Vietnam.”

Riley, meanwhile, explained how some of her culturally appropriate negging was very hurtful — especially to him, as a Black man. There are a lot of cultural nuances and cues at play.

In a now-deleted comment, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 star Violet apologized to Riley for throwing him under the bus on camera. She had told him to not worry about a gift for her mom. (Instagram)

A twist! In an (alleged) comment on Instagram, one that she has since deleted, Violet left a comment.

“I see people [are attacking] you and I am sorry,” she began.

Violet confessed: “I should have admitted that you [asked] what [to buy for my mother] and I [told] you you don’t need [to].”

Shortly after meeting in person, Riley and Violet snuggled on a car ride while leaving the airport. (TLC)

“I was embarrassed [on] camera,” Violet expressed.

Too embarrassed to admit that it was “my fault, so I blame you.”

She concluded: “I am sorry I create pain for you on social media.”

Riley admitted his surprise when he received a tour guide’s blunt explanation of cultural nuances at play. (TLC)

Honestly, both Riley and Violet are very proud, stubborn people. Those are not inherently negative traits.

But they both seem to be shooting themselves in the foot, sabotaging their own happiness. Not to mention each other’s.

They are, simply put, extremely similar people. It feels like, if they marry, they’ll either be together for 6 months or 60 years. The key will be aligning their stubbornness.

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