Veracity Self-Care Hormone Test Review 2023

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Our hormones majorly affect our overall health in a laundry list of ways, including gut function, mood, metabolism, sex drive, sleep, and, of course, skin. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, yet we often look to topical treatments rather than opting for an inside-out approach to help us actually address the causes of skin conditions, not just their effects. Veracity is a pioneer in hormone-focused wellness, offering at-home hormone and skin tests backed by the brand’s medical advisory board to help create customized skincare, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

Veracity founder and CEO Allie Egan was inspired to launch the wellness brand after experiencing fertility struggles for three years. After years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, excruciating miscarriages, and endless tests that didn’t seem to offer any answers, she finally discovered that hormones were to blame. “It was frustrating to discover that a hormonal issue [caused by Hashimotos] was affecting my ability to get pregnant, but even worse was realizing my skin had been trying to tell me that something was wrong for years. If I had known how to listen to it—or even that listening was something I should be doing—I might have avoided some of the hardship,” Egan says. Equally frustrated and inspired by her journey, Egan decided to leave her successful career as a financial executive (Estee Lauder and Cynthia Rowley) and launched Veracity to empower women by giving them the tools and knowledge to find “a solution that uncovers root causes of issues, big and small, [to put] you on a path to better skin and wellness.”

Veracity Skin & Health Hormone Test

I have long suspected the hormonal imbalances had been causing a number of skin and health issues, including extreme anxiety around the time of menstruation, frequent, unexplained bloating, and digestive issues that I thought I just had to live with since my doctors couldn’t pinpoint the underlying causes. When a friend of mine told me about how Veracity had been a game-changer in taking charge of her hormonal health, I knew I had to get my hands on one of the brand’s easy-to-use at-home hormone tests to get a closer look at what was going on in my endocrine system. Unlike other at-home tests, Veracity’s Health & Skin Test is straightforward and painless—no pricks required. You simply spit into a plastic vial (first thing in the morning is optimal for the most accurate results), ship it to the labs using the pre-paid label, and register your kit.

You can take the skin and health spit test at any time in your cycle—even if you have a hormonal IUD inserted or are taking oral contraceptives—however, it is recommended that you re-test annually or if you experience a major life change. “We recommend that you not test during any extreme changes,” Egan tells us. “For example, if you were undergoing egg freezing you should not test and wait 2-4 weeks after completing the cycle to test. For any other changes, such as changing or getting off hormonal birth control, we recommend waiting until your next cycle if you’d like to get more ‘normalized’ results.”

Veracity hormone test review

I tested in the middle of my cycle as soon as I woke up. In a little over a week, my results were ready to view in my account. Veracity gives you an overall glance at your hormone levels—estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, and pH—and, based on the results, explanations for commonly-linked symptoms. For example, my focus area was extremely low progesterone, low cortisol, and slightly high estrogen, so some of the lifestyle, diet, and supplement suggestions included avoiding super strenuous exercise as excessive exercise can cause the body to deprioritize progesterone production and eating cashews daily to help promote regular ovulation cycles.

Veracity hormone test review

Next, Veracity also recommended supplements and topical skincare products based on my hormone profile and support my concerns. The products are formulated to support hormonal wellness and only contain ingredients that won’t cause further hormone disruption. Overall, I would highly recommend Veracity if you feel like your hormones may be impacting your skin. While Veracity is researched-backed and supported by a medical advisory board, it’s always best to speak to your physician before starting a new diet or supplement routine.

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