Vanessa Kirby’s Sue Storm to be the star of Marvel’s Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four cast rumors are heating up again, and it looks like we have a confirmation from a trusted source regarding one of the four team members. Jeff Sneider said on a recent podcast that Adam Driver declined the Mr. Fantastic role in Fantastic Four after reading the first draft of the script.

In a new episode on Thursday, Sneider said that Vanessa Kirby will play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman in Marvel’s big reboot. That’s a rumor that first surfaced a few months ago. Marvel might have closed the deal before the actors went on strike.

More interesting is the detail that Fantastic Four’s lead superhero will not be Reed Richards but Sue Storm. That’s certainly a departure from previous movies and an exciting prospect. Mind you, some spoilers might follow.

The Vanessa Kirby rumor

YouTuber Grace Randolph mentioned a few weeks ago that Vanessa Kirby was in the running for Sue Storm. At the time, we thought the Fantastic Four cast had been decided. Rumors said that Adam Driver and Margot Robbie would be the leads of the movie.

Jeff Sneider went on to reveal on The Hot Mic podcast this week that Kirby had indeed signed on to play the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four.

The Marvel insider also covered the scoop on Above the Line, saying they can safely report that Vanessa Kirby will play Sue Storm.

Not only that, but Joseph Quinn might play Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the movie. We’ve loved him in Stranger Things, and the actor could certainly be a great addition to the MCU.

On the podcast, Sneider said that The Boys star Jack Quaid would get the role, but the actor quickly dispelled the rumor on Twitter.

Sue Storm leading the Fantastic Four

I just saw and loved Kirby in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, where she played two characters. I won’t spoil any of that action for anyone who hasn’t seen the Fallout sequel. The point is that I’m excited to see what she’ll do with the Sue Storm role in Fantastic Four, one of the most anticipated MCU movies of Phase 6.

But what’s even more interesting than Marvel reportedly casting the actress is what Marvel plans to do with the character. Regardless of who is playing Sue Storm, Sneider said that she is the lead of the movie.

That’s why Marvel wanted to cast her first and then build the team around the Invisible Woman. Matt Shakman’s Fantastic Four will center around Sue Storm, marking a departure from the previous Fantastic Four versions.

Best Netflix original movies pieces of a woman
Shia LaBeouf and Vanessa Kirby are shown in a scene from the Netflix original movie “Pieces of a Woman.” Image source: Benjamin Loeb/Netflix

Fox tried its hand twice at making Fantastic Four stick, and each time Reed Richards was the leader of the team. That’s probably something most comic book readers also take for granted.

If the rumors are accurate, turning Sue Storm into the main hero of the movie is an exciting proposition. It’s something that hasn’t been done before and something worth exploring. I just hope the overall Fantastic Four story will be worth waiting for.

I’ll also point out there must be a very angry Invisible Woman on Earth-838 after the events in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That Sue Storm version must be a leader of the Fantastic Four team, considering how Josh Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic is dead. And I’d love to see that Sue Storm variant in action.

More big names

Fantastic Four should come out in May 2025, but considering the current status of the industry, we should expect more delays. It’s unclear when the strikes will end and how soon Marvel can start production on Fantastic Four.

Not to mention that Marvel will have to decide on the other Fantastic Four members. It’s unclear who will play Reed Richards now that Adam Driver and Matt Smith seem to be out. And the same goes for The Thing.

Jeff Sneider did say that The Bear star Ebon Moss-Bachrach might be eyed for a role in Fantastic Four. But it’s not Ben Grimm. Instead, he might play the Silver Surfer or Doctor Doom.

As for the main villain of Fantastic Four, Sneider said a Latino actor would play Galactus. Leaks earlier this year said Marvel approached Antonio Banderas for the role. That’s another unconfirmed rumor, however.

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