This Theater Has Beds for the Ultimate Movie-Watching Experience!

There’s nothing like winding down after a long day and choosing a movie to watch on your laptop or TV screen as you get comfortable in bed. If only movie theaters were like this, right? Well, in places like Switzerland, that’s exactly the case – there is a Movie Theater With Beds!

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A Movie Theater With Beds

Cinema Pathé opened a VIP bedroom section in 2019 for moviegoers who want to experience watching films with ultimate comfort. Instead of seats, VIPs can use double beds to mimic the experience of watching a movie at home but with the benefits of a massive technicolor screen and surround sound.

The theater has 11 beds with adjustable headrests so you and your companion can recline comfortably as you watch the movie. The beds also have two pillows, soft sheets, and bedside tables to place your complimentary snacks and drinks, which you don’t have to wait in line for!

Movie Theater With Beds

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The Benefits of Watching Movies In Comfort

The VIP section may be a little indulgent as each ticket costs €44.71. Still, the entire experience helps us enjoy the genuine benefits of watching movies aside from their entertainment value. Rather than getting cramped in your seat watching a film with a long runtime, you can relax and absorb every bit of lesson it can teach you.

This helps you internalize the art more, and you may find yourself processing difficult life experiences more easily, according to the most relatable aspects of the movie.

It’s also a more social and more intimate watching experience with whichever companion you’re with, whether it’s your significant other, friend, or relative.

Lastly, watching movies in a relaxed and comfortable position allows you to appreciate the art of film in all its glory. 

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The Ultimate Experience

Cinema Pathé offers a VIP experience like no other. Aside from a comfortable bed, every customer also gets a pair of slippers for maximum comfort.

Hygiene is, of course, of the utmost importance for this cinema as CEO Venanzio Di Bacco assures customers that all sheets are replaced and beds cleaned before the next showing starts.

Movie Theater With Beds

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Other VIP cinema rooms have different features and amenities, such as IMAX screens and double sofas instead of beds. If you don’t want your kids to miss the fun, then there’s a kids’ cinema that has ball pits, slides, and bean bags that even adults will want to try.

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While some people have reported feeling so comfortable at Cinema Pathé that they fell asleep and missed the movie, most are excited at the chance to enjoy a luxurious and one-of-a-kind experience!

We hope you enjoyed this article about this special cinema we can’t wait to visit. For more awesome things, stay tuned because they’re coming this way. In the meanwhile, please read the article we recommend and drop us a comment.

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