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Preparing for a storm can be stressful. After all, you never know just how bad the situation might get. To help you prepare for these situations, we have created this blog post with some tips to follow when preparing for a storm. 

Make a proper plan: The first thing you need to know once a storm is headed your way is to make a proper plan. Where are you evacuating? Are you going to be evacuating alone, or are your family members joining you? What do you need during evacuation? What supplies do you need? There are so many things to consider once you know a storm is headed your way.

Check on your neighbors: Before the storm, make sure to check on all of your neighbors. If you see that they are not prepared for a big storm or don’t have supplies stocked up, it is best to offer them some help before disaster strikes. Remember this rule during hurricane season – always be kind and helpful! It could save someone’s life later on down the road.

Install storm shutters: If you are prepared to ride the storm out, one of your first steps should be installing storm shutters. Storm shutters not only keep windows from shattering but also prevent hurricane-force winds from entering into homes and buildings.

Obey evacuation orders: If authorities tell citizens living near the coastline that they need to evacuate, it is best to obey their orders. Authorities know what they are doing, and there could be a good reason why everyone needs to leave an area that a hurricane or other large storm will soon hit.

Stockpile food items: Make sure you keep plenty of non-perishable food on hand if there are power outages after a massive storm has hit an area close by. Most importantly, do NOT forget about having water stored away so everyone can stay hydrated when needed most! You never know just how long a power outage could last and how important water is during that time.

Make sure to keep your phone charged: A good rule of thumb for apparent reasons – never let your cell phone run out of battery before you charge it up again! In case there are any emergencies, having a fully charged phone on hand will come in handy. Also, this way, you can stay connected with loved ones, so they know where you are at all times! Make sure everyone has one as well if the situation calls for it.

Secure the exterior of your house: When a big storm is headed your way, you want to make sure that your home is properly secured. Boards can be used on windows, so they don’t break during the worst of conditions. Ensure to have all items packed up and stored away in case there are any leaks or power outages during this time!

Make plans for pets: If you have pets, it might be best to keep them inside if possible once a big storm has started approaching an area close by. Not only do animals get very scared when things go bump in the night, but they also need proper shelter just like humans do, especially after being outside for long periods without food or water options available too!

Stockpile candles/flashlights: Make sure you have plenty of candles or flashlights on hand if there are power outages. You never know when one could strike, and it is always best to be prepared for the worst!

Make a list of emergency contacts: Things can go south after bad weather hits an area nearby. Make sure that your family members all know who they can contact if something happens during this time. These emergency contacts should include loved ones and professional services such as insurance companies, so everyone knows where to turn when needed most.

Do not forget about any important documents: Keep copies of legal documents in stormproof boxes just in case anything goes wrong at home after being hit with heavy winds or rain/snow. This way, you have copies of insurance cards and other essential documents, so no one gets stuck in a sticky situation during the worst conditions!

Make sure to keep up with storm updates: During hurricane season or any other time when huge storms are headed your way where heavy rain/snow is expected, make sure that everyone remains updated on what is going on outside. Having access to this information will help people know exactly how bad things could get if need be, plus it helps ensure that all family members stay safe throughout the ordeal.

The best way to prepare for a storm is to have non-perishable foods, water, board up windows/doors, charge phones and pets inside. Make sure you are informed about the weather. Also, make copies of important documents in case anything happens at home during bad weather.

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