The 14 Most Unusual Jobs In The World That Will Make You Say Huh

You hate your job and think you have the worst job in the world right? Everyone hates their jobs. Or, you love your job and think you have the best job in the world? Either way, we’ve prepared 15 of the most unusual strange jobs for you just because.

Some are gross, some are dream jobs, some are wtf jobs you would actually say why would anyone agree to do that even if it pays good money?! What ever the situation is and the job at hand, these extremely unusual weird jobs might help you appreciate your job more after reading about them.

And if we managed to get you to like your job a little bit more when you’re done, you have to say so in the comments ok?

Strange jobs list that is just weird 

1. Professional Snuggler is the first weird job on the most unusual jobs list

You can get paid from $60 to $80 an hour for hugging someone. There are people who suddenly feel all alone and need someone to give them a hug and there are companies who are offering just that. But, bear in mind, if you want to work as a professional snuggler, there have to be only hugs, no more than that!

2. Golf Ball Diver

Yes, you guessed. They collect the golf balls from the bottom of ponds from golf fields. They might deal with mud, algae, snakes and so on. Someone’s got to do it right?

Most Unusual Jobs 2 (1)

3. Pet Food Tester

People test the food for dogs to make sure that the flavour is on point and of good quality. If you ever wondered what happens if you eat your pet’s food, well, now you got the answer: Nothing special. It has already been eaten by a fellow human

weird Jobs 3 (1)

4. Bed Tester job

Companies and hotels have people who are paid to sleep, ,more specifically, to test the beds and mattresses. It might sound like a dream, but it can also be a nightmare. You have to know how to lie down in bed so that you check the mattress and so on. Science, baby! My dream job.

weird Jobs 4 (1)

5. Paper Towel Sniffer

You have bigger chances of becoming a brain surgeon than a paper towel sniffer. No kidding! Paper towel sniffers are people hired to make sure that the products have no undesirable smells. Hard job and great responsibility. Or not? What do you think?

weird Jobs 5 (1)

6. Face Feeler

You have to have very sensitive hands for this weird job. Feelers feel people’s skin to see if there are any improvements from using a specific product. They have quite a big responsibility, since it stands in their power to accept or decline a certain product from being produced for the masses.

weird Jobs 6 (1)

7. Line Stander

Did you know you can hire a professional line stander to stand in a queue for you? For money, of course. For example, if you want to be one of the first persons who want to get their hands on a new released iPhone, you can hire a line stander to wait for 20 hours or so in front of the Apple Store.

If you have enough money to buy the newest iPhone, you probably have enough to pay for a line stander, as well. Just saying!

weird Jobs 7 (1)

8. Water Slide Tester. The best job for sure on the most unusual jobs list.

Aqua Parks are fun and children of all ages love them. But, for the water slide testers, they might be quite a big headache, since they spend their workdays taking numerous slides down the water slides to make sure they are safe. Is it fun or a bit of a headache? What do you think?

strangest Jobs 8 (1)

9. Snake Milker

Snake venom is very useful in the medical world and thus, there is a very high demand for snake poison in our world. And for such demand, there are people who spend their workdays milking snakes. Yes, this is a real job. They are some sort of heroes, since, indirectly, they save lives with their strange job.

strangest Jobs 9 (1)

10. Body Part Model

The world of modelling is not only after a full package. If you happen to have very beautiful hands or attractive feet, you can still get a place in the modeling world.

On the other hand, there are manufacturers who are looking for ugly feet or hands to make a point about their products. Not sure how they put up the job description for this, though…

Anyways, there is a job for body models that is very well paid. You don’t need to be that hot, you just need to have something incredibly beautiful, which we all have.

strangest Jobs 10 (1)

11. Worm Picker

If you are a very passionate fisher, you need worms. You go to a shop and buy some. But, ever wondered where the shop get them from? They are picked up by work pickers who work after dark in gardens, parks or golf courses.

strangest Jobs 11 (1)

12. Stunt Tester

Remember Fear Factor where people have to do daring things and eat disgusting foods? Apparently, there are some people who taste those bugs or God knows what obscure insects, to make sure that they are suitable for eating and nobody will get hurt in the show. Of course, there is a big risk for the stunt testers, but they have to be well paid, I guess.

strangest Jobs 12 (1)

13. Nude Model

With confidence and the ability to stand in the same position for hours, you can become a nude model. All in the name of art. Would you do it?

strangest Jobs 13 (1)

14. Armpit sniffer

Yes. this job exist and there’s no wonder we saved this for last on the most unusual jobs list. Apparently, they work for deodorant manufacturers to make sure that their products really work.

What does a a workday look like? Well, they spend their day in a hot place and sniff some 60 armpits an hour, then write reports on how helpful the deodorant can be. We don’t know about the salary, though.

Most Unusual Jobs 14 (1)

15. Legal bank robber

Yes, you can get a job and be paid for robbing a bank. In seriousness though, your job is actually very important. You need to check the security measures of the bank and notify on any issues.

In today’s world, this also involves trying to hack the computer systems and more, not just go inside the bank with a ski mask.

Some of the strangest jobs in the world were featured on this list, and honestly I wouldn’t want to do most of them.

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