Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Display Matching Tattoos During Hot Summer Fun

While vacationing in Mykonos, Teresa Giudice is posting photos of summer fun.

This time, she’s drawing eyes over more than just her recent photoshop rampage.

Teresa has a new tattoo. And she’s not the only one.

Husband Luis “Louie” Ruelas has one to match. But what does it say? And what does it mean?

In late July of 2023, Luis “Louie” Ruelas shared this photo of him and wife Teresa Giudice while publicly gushing about her on Instagram. (Instagram)

Teresa Giudice and her family have been vacationing in Mykonos, Greece.

That includes not only all four of her daughters, but also her husband, Luis Ruelas.

Like Teresa or hate her or anything in between, but she takes some incredible family photos.

Teresa Giudice poses in Mykonos with daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana in early August 2023. (Instagram)

While enjoying the early August weather, Teresa wore a vibrant orange bikini.

Obviously, she was showing off her incredible body.

But, at the same time, Teresa was flaunting something else: the tattoo on the side of her torso.

Teresa Giudice dances in Mykonos early in August of 2023. But what’s that on the side of her torso? It’s a tattoo — and her husband has one to match. (Instagram)

Others spotted Teresa out and about with the same tattoo.

Additionally, people saw Luis wearing it.

But what does it say? She hasn’t exactly posted a close-up selfie with it.

Teresa Giudice stopped her brother during his diplomatic moment, saying that he is not “honoring” her in the right way. It’s now or never, apparently. (Bravo)

The tattoo reads “Sempre Insieme.” That simply means “always together.”

Below it, there is a “333.”

And Teresa has spoken about this before, long before flaunting it in a bikini.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Teresa Giudice comments about how she loves how her current man dresses. (Bravo)

Many months ago, Teresa shared that these tattoos were a tribute, in part, to her late mother.

“I have a tattoo, 333. We both have the same,” she dished at the time. “That’s my mom.”

Teresa explained: “because my mom, when my dad was passing away, I went to go see a medium.”

Frankly, Luis Ruelas doesn’t even want to read any more of this conversation. He’s unhappy. (Bravo)

“And,” Teresa said of the visit to the medium, “she gave me signs of threes.”

She elaborated: “The medium told me, ‘Your mom’s giving you signs of threes,’ and my dad passed away April 3.”

Teresa continued: “My mom passed away March 3. Everything’s threes.”

Teresa Giudice certainly eats and drinks with some flashy dishes sometimes. (Image Credit: Bravo) (Bravo)

“Sempre Insieme” appears on her parents’ mausoleum.

“Me, Gia, Gabriela just got it, because she just turned 18,” Teresa shared.

She added at the time: “When Melania and Adriana turn 18, they’re going to get it, too.”

Making quite the facial expression, Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother-in-law’s issues and their timing are deliberate. (Bravo)

“Louie wanted to get it, because he feels so connected to our family,” Teresa then explained.

“My husband surprised me and got it. He’s like, ‘I wish I always would’ve met your parents.’ I know he does,” she shared.

Teresa adde: “He goes to the cemetery and sees them and talks to them.”

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