Stranger Buys Blind Lawncare Provider A New Trailer And Mower

Stranger Buys Blind Lawncare Provider A New Trailer And Mower

July 8, 2023

The kindness of a strangers has allowed for a blind entrepreneur to boost his lawn care business.

Paul Koenig / Credit: WKBW News

James Porter runs a small lawn maintenance business in North Tonawanda, New York. Because he is legally blind, he cannot get a driver’s license and has to walk to all of his customers and transport his heavy equipment with a hand-pulled trailer.

But when his trailer broke, a stranger stepped in to help.

“What really stuck out to me with James was he’s doing this pretty hard job towing a lawnmower and weedwhacker and everything on it… so he must be a pretty hard worker,” Paul Koenig told WKBW.

Paul bought James a new trailer and a new lawnmower to reward him for his hard work.

blind lawn care service

James Porter / Credit: WKBW News

“If it wasn’t for Paul, I’d be fighting, scrambling to try and find a way to get transportation to pull my stuff around,” James said.

Paul also shared a photo of James to Facebook in the hope of getting him more customers. James told WKBW that he has already received more business from this post.

“That’s what the Facebook community is great about is this person’s in need, I can’t help him right now, but can the community help him out?” Paul said.

“I really appreciate Paul for helping me,” said James. “He has no idea how much I appreciate him.”

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