Simon Jordan reveals prostate cancer diagnosis and urges men to get tested in powerful message

Simon Jordan delivered a powerful message on talkSPORT this morning as he revealed he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The former Crystal Palace owner has been off the talkSPORT airwaves for a few weeks as he underwent surgery following the diagnosis.


Simon opened up on his prostate cancer diagnosis on talkSPORT

He was back with Jim White on Tuesday morning and opened up on his health with a message for men to get tested.

“I’m recovering from prostate cancer and I have had some quite significant surgery,” he revealed on White and Jordan.

“I had the surgery two weeks ago, it was quite substantial surgery, and has been quite debilitating, but as you can see I was able to come in today.

“I’m going to be recovering from it for quite some time. I’m going to take some time to get back into the thrust of things, whether that be business or media.

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“The reasons why I bring it up is because I think it’s a very important subject. Not because I want to have a kumbaya moment and everyone sits and holds hands and feels sorry for me or everyone thinks I’m doing something commendable by talking about it.

“But because there’s a real issue. If someone hadn’t spoken to me about being tested, I had no symptoms of prostate cancer and had no reason to believe I had any particular challenges. 

“Someone very close to me did have some challenges. I went off and had a very simple blood test that men of a certain age, and I don’t mean in their 50s or 60s, but from 30 upwards.

“A simple blood test in April or May drove me in a direction into the situation where I had quite significant surgery.

Jordan revealed he had surgery just two weeks ago


Jordan revealed he had surgery just two weeks ago

“I’m on the other side of that, I’m recovering from it. 

“I have all the margins clear from the surgery. The most delightful experience was walking around with a catheter, which I didn’t particularly enjoy being put in or taken out.

“If I hadn’t had the surgery then I wouldn’t be here.

“There’s a real issue with awareness around this. If you don’t address it, one in eight white men will get it.

“Here’s a more startling statistic, one in four black men will get prostate cancer. It’s a really simple way of addressing it.

“It’s an important message. I’m sitting here with six holes in my stomach, and weeing a bit of blood, but I’m sitting here.

His message was a simple one... get tested


His message was a simple one… get tested

“If men don’t take it seriously, people are losing their lives over it. It’s really avoidable.”

Keen to get back to his old self the listeners know and love, he mischievously joked: “Anyway, it’s nice to be back… who can we assassinate?”

Messages from the talkSPORT listeners flooded in as they sent him their best wishes and hope he recovers soon.

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“Simon Jordan, don’t you dare desert us on this show. Get better soon,” one said.

Arsenal fan Carolyn added: “Wishing you a speedy recovery, so glad you are back. Take care.”

Prostate cancer symptoms

It’s treatable if caught early but Simon is right – it’s important to get tested.

Symptoms include (according to the NHS)
– An increased need to urinate, especially at night

– Having difficulty when you pee

– Straining as you pee

– Needing to rush to the loo

– Weak flow of pee

– Feeling your bladder has not been fully emptied

– Blood in urine or in semen

If you have symptoms, you are advised to visit a GP. Visit for more info.

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