Sheila Asks David for Financial Help After Mom Dies at Home on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days

When we last saw David and Sheila, the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple were grieving an unexpected death.

David had just met Sheila’s mother, father, and 12-year-old son. Hours later, her mother passed away.

It was a tragic and perhaps inevitable fall in a house that was barely holding together and clearly unfit for human habitation.

Sheila doesn’t want to go back home until it’s fixed up.

In this promo ahead of Season 6, Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Sheila discusses what is left of her family home. (TLC)

This sneak peek (you can see the full video below) of the Sunday, August 13 episode, Sheila and David have stopped for a casual drink.

Their translator is there with them, as she speaks Tagalog and is also fluent in ASL (American Sign Language).

Sheila is discussing the repairs that her family home (which her father built by hand).

David warns that fixing up Sheila’s house is going to be expensive. (TLC)

It’s going to be expensive to make it into a less lethal residence, let alone truly livable.

David emphasizes this. We already saw her neighborhood and heard David’s description of the smell from the open sewage.

Even though the house is in what looks like a shantytown, it could be safer. Having steps up to code (literally any code) would help. And so would having a roof that isn’t shower curtains.

As much as he might like to, David cannot cover repairs on Sheila’s family home. (TLC)

Obviously, David would like to help. But there is only so much that he can do.

He warns Sheila that he “can’t pay for all of it.”

The project would be essentially building an entire house. Ideally involving plumbing and more amenities that it does not have at present.

David knows that there are some cultural and economic differences at play, but explains that working two jobs doesn’t make him rich. (TLC)

There are definitely some things that don’t translate well between radically different cultures. Economics can be one of them.

David works two jobs, but while that means that he has a steady income, it doesn’t mean that he’s wealthy. (Generally, two jobs means that neither earns enough on its own)

But for Sheila, their disparate circumstances don’t always translate. The power of the American dollar can look great until you see a pizza delivery receipt for $30 and a rent bill of $1000.

Sheila admits that she feels embarrassed to ask for David’s help, for anyone’s help. (TLC)

Speaking to the translator more than to David, Sheila admits how she is feeling.

She feels embarrassed to ask David at all.

Sheila and David really like each other. No one likes the humbling feeling of asking a loved one for financial help.

Sheila explains to the translator that she has been unable to work, which is in part why David’s help has been so essential. (TLC)

But she, and David, both know that Sheila cannot do this herself.

She does not have a job right now. And not for lack of trying.

Meanwhile, David has two jobs. He doesn’t have much, but in comparison, he at least has his own income.

Speaking to the confessional camera during this sneak peek of August 13th’s episode, Sheila explains how difficult it is for her to find work in the Philippines right now. (TLC)

Sheila was gainfully employed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this deadly virus killed a lot of people, disabled countless more, and shook up how a lot of businesses operate.

Right now, she has been unable to find work.

It is okay if David cannot afford to fix up her family home, Sheila emphasizes in this sneak peek. (TLC)

David hopes that, by supporting her, he can keep her afloat until she can find work.

Meanwhile, Sheila wants to make one thing absolutely clear.

“If he can’t afford the expenses, it’s okay,” she affirms.

Sheila also wants to stress that she’s not trying to use David for his limited funds.

“I’m not after your money,” she says. Her fear is that David might think that.

He knows that. He just wants to find a realistic way to help with that.

What Sheila really wanted to reassure was that she’s not “after” David’s money. (TLC)

No one realistically thinks that Sheila is a “gold digger.” David does not have gold for which to dig.

Meanwhile, the two of them clearly love each other. And they have a lot in common. They met because of their (lack of) hearing, not on a sugar baby website.

Neither of them expected this tragedy.

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