Ryan Edwards Completes Rehab, Returns to Court For Dramatic Hearing

Back in April, troubled Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards was sentenced to one year in prison for stalking and harassing his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan has been arrested many times, of course, but this time it looked like he might be locked up for a very long time.

After all, Mackenzie had a restraining order against Ryan when he broke into the home they once shared and trashed the place.

And when police finally found Edwards — who was on probation at the time — he was passed out in his car from an apparent overdose.

Ryan Edwards is in trouble with the law once again. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

But last month, a judge decided to give Ryan a second chance.

Edwards was furloughed from jail in order to attend four weeks of treatment for the substance abuse issues that had landed him in trouble with the law so very many times.

On Monday, Ryan returned to court for a progress report, and it looks as though he may finally be bouncing back from rock bottom.

Ryan Edwards is BACK on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter! But that’s not necessarily a good thing. (Photo Credit: MTV)

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Edwards appeared dour but healthy during his courtroom appearance.

He was dressed in a gray button-down shirt and slacks, a look that created a very different impression than the county-orange jumpsuit and shackles that Ryan rocked the last time he went before a judge.

“Mr. Edwards is still at Cadas Rehab,” a prosecutor told the court.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?
Ryan Edwards has battled an addiction to drugs for years. We hope he’s now all clean and sober. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“The state has no intention to resolve these cases until we see how Mr. Edwards is doing. I would love to hear an update from Cadas.”

“There has been… we can give him a B plus. That’s pretty good for Mr. Edwards,” said a representative from Cadas.

The prosecutor then recommended that Ryan be sent to Oasis, Cadas’ 38-bed sober living house, where he will receive continued treatment.

Ryan Edwards MTV Photo
Ryan Edwards has had many brushes with the law. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“The letter sounds good. He’s doing really well. Looks like he’s been drug-free for three months and 25 days,” said Judge Gary Starnes.

“Longest you’ve had in years and years. We’re happy about that. Continue treatment in Oasis. You’re supposed to have family intervention. Make sure you do that right away,” the judge continued.

“Let’s keep an eye on the furlough. He seems to be doing really well. Make sure we get this family intervention going right away.”

Ryan Edwards Harbors a Lot of Resentment
Ryan consumed many beverages on camera during his years as an MTV star. (Photo Credit: MTV)

A rep for Cadas assured that the judge that if Ryan leaves treatment again — as he did in April — the authorities will be notified immediately.

“He needs to grow up, you know that,” the judge told Ryan.

“You have three kids. You may have some problems with your wife, but you have three kids. I’m trying to save your life,” Judge Starnes told Ryan at a previous hearing.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo
Ryan Edwards is bugging out about something in this photo. It’s from an episode of Teen Mom. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Ryan is due back in court for another progress report on November 6.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

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