Prada Is Launching Its First Skin-Care and Makeup Line

Prada Beauty has long been known for luxurious fragrances that accompany the renowned fashion house’s chic looks. Famous for the refined yet eccentric style characterized by Miuccia Prada’s hundred-year-old fashion label, Prada has dressed some of the most famous A-listers. Now, the brand’s beauty sector, Prada Beauty, is officially entering the cosmetics industry with their new campaign, “rethinking beauty.”

How is Prada Beauty rethinking the industry?

Prada Beauty’s “Rethinking Beauty” campaign comes with the announcement of the launch of Prada Skin and Prada Color: the brand’s first skin-care and makeup lines. At the heart of the expansion into the cosmetics world is the desire to “rethink beauty, with creative experimentation and playful exploration that is unconventional and ever-evolving,” the brand explains in a press release. The products offered in Prada Beauty’s new cosmetic and skin-care lines will create a “universal yet personalized beauty experience” that the brand says is inherent to the label’s identity.


What can we expect from Prada Beauty?

When it comes to Prada Skin, the brand will be launching three, luxury skin-care products: Augmented Skin The Cream ($360), Augmented Skin The Serum ($370) and Augmented Skin The Cleanser ($80). Both the cream and serum come with refill options, and all three products focus on “dynamic plumpness, resilient firmness” and all-over, next-level radiance.

For Prada Color, the brand has come out with several makeup products, including foundation, eyeshadow palettes, and an array of makeup brushes and blending tools. All Prada Color products are also refillable, making them revolutionary in the realm of luxurious yet sustainable makeup products.

“Guided by the iconic Prada Green and Prada Triangle, the campaign comes together to embrace a hyper-tech metamorphosis of heritage and innovation,” summarizes the brand. Though the collections aren’t formally launching in the U.S. until January of next year, we can look forward to seeing the results from these high-end cosmetic products on our favorite A-listers very soon.

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