NVIDIA says its Blackwell GPUs are the world’s most powerful chips

NVIDIA’s H100 chips are used by nearly every AI company in the world to train large language models hooked into services like ChatGPT. It’s been great for business. Now, the company is ready to make those chips look terrible, announcing a next-generation platform called Blackwell.

Named for David Harold Blackwell, a mathematician who specialized in game theory and statistics, NVIDIA claims Blackwell is the world’s most powerful chip, reaching speeds of 20 petaflops compared to just 4 petaflops the H100 provided. Yeah, throw it in the trash. You need new chips.

And if you didn’t know how powerful NVIDIA is, its press release for this new platform includes quotes from the CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta and Tesla — yes, all CEOs you probably know the names of.

— Mat Smith

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The tournament is postponed until further notice.


Yeah, this is bad. Respawn, the EA-owned studio behind Apex Legends, has postponed the North American Finals tournament after hackers broke into matches and equipped players with cheats. Footage of the hacks on Twitch show players being able to see their opponent’s location through walls, while notable player (and one of the best) ImperialHal was gifted an aimbot to hit enemies more easily. Respawn says it would share more information soon, but as of time of writing, the studio hasn’t elaborated.

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The Mevo Core has improved built-in mics and works with any MFT lens.

Logitech is expanding its Mevo lineup of livestreaming cameras. The company’s new Mevo Core shoots in 4K, a big upgrade from the 1080p Mevo Start camera kit I tested a few years back. However, the trade-off is pricing as the new model will set you back three times as much for a three-camera setup. $999. So yes, this is probably for the pro streamers.

To emphasize that, the Core ships as a body only, but Logitech will sell lens bundle kits through Amazon and B&H Photo Video. You will need to buy an additional lens just to make it work. And it’s only compatible with — so there’s a high chance you’ll have to buy one.

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It’s like Google search on Safari all over again. Plus 15 years.

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to integrate its Gemini AI in iPhones, according to Bloomberg. Gemini could be the cloud-based generative AI engine for Siri and other iPhone apps, while Apple’s models could be woven into the upcoming iOS 18 for on-device AI tasks.

There are regulatory concerns to consider—the Department of Justice has already sued Google over its search dominance, including the way it pays Apple and other companies to use its search engine. But given how Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership turned the Bing search engine into something people were actually talking about, the team-up might be worth the risk.

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