My Daughter’s Last Wish was Filmed for My Show!

June Shannon claims to have the awkward and tragic receipts.

Just about a month ago, the reality star’s 29-year old daughter, Anna, passed away from cancer.

In the wake of this devastating news, Shannon has found herself in the center of an unfortunate controversy:

She and Anna’s ex-husband, Michael, are fighting over the custody of 11-year old named Kaitlyn, Anna’s oldest daughter — who is NOT the biological child of Michael.

June Shannon in a blue dress
June Shannon attends Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 premiere party at Revel on January 9, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WEtv)

According to Shannon, Anna did not state in her will or in any documentation that she wants the young girl to live with Mama June.

However, June claims Anna’s dying wish was based around this exact request.

Referring to Michael, Shannon told The Sun last week that “he has no legal rights to Kaitlyn,” adding in a lengthier statement:

“For the first time ever, she stood up to them, she even told Michael the same.

“The Michael thing is about money, and Kaitlyn ain’t a money symbol. Kaitlyn wants to be raised by her biological family.”

June Shannon on television
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (TLC)

Michael’s lawyer said in a statement of his own in response that June has no legal right to Kailyn, either.

A couple days ago, however, Shannon spoke again to The Sun and said that Anna asking her to take over custody of the 11-year old was actually FILMED for an upcoming episode of Mama June: Family Crisis.

“We are following Anna’s wishes at the end of the day,” June told The Sun. “People will see that all this season of the show…

“The world will hear it from Anna’s mouth [that she wanted me to have custody of Kaitlyn].”

Anna Cardwell and family
Prior to her tragic passing, Anna Cardwell posed here in the hospital alongside her loved ones. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We previously reported that Cardwell’s cancer journey would be documented on her mother’s reality show, a set-up that sort of makes us squirm.

If Anna truly decided this on her own, though?

If she wasn’t pressured in any way, shape or form by her mom for this to happen?

Who are we to judge, we suppose.

June Shannon on TV
June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Shannon went on to tell The Sun “Kaitlyn wants to be raised by her biological family.”

As you might expect, Michael’s attorney pushed back against this claim.

“We have heard that before, I believe that’s been Ms. Shannon’s claim for some time, but we’ve seen no documents and no footage of anything,” he has said.

“To be frank, this is a court case that is going to play out in a courtroom in front of a judge and not over any reality TV show.

“We’ve not seen any official documents or any even informal documents that pertain to [Anna’s] decisions.”

The new season of Mama June: Family Crisis is scheduled to premiere in February on WEtv and ALLBLK.

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