Meta Quest 3 all but confirmed to launch on September 27th

It looks like the Meta Quest 3 is going to launch at Meta Connect in September.

Meta may have already announced and given us a preview of the Quest 3 headset, but we still haven’t gotten a sense of exactly when the new device will launch. Well, that may have already been answered for us — even if it didn’t come directly from Meta.

As spotted by UploadVR, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has given regulatory approval for the Meta Quest 3 headset ahead of its expected release in the United States. While the approval does not mention the Quest 3 by name, the approval is obviously for the headset, as it is the next product expected from the company.

Companies get FCC approval when they are nearing the release of a product in the country, and the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro were both launched at the company’s Meta Connect conference — a conference that happens to be kicking off in just weeks’ time on September 27th. Mark Zuckerberg is set to give a keynote presentation on the first day that the company already says will feature more details about the Quest 3 headset.

In addition to potentially revealing the launch date for the headset, the filing also reveals that the Quest 3, in addition to the Quest Pro, will feature the 6GHz wireless band in addition to the current 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands from the Quest 2. This means that the headset will be able to create an even better wireless connection in homes using a router with Wi-Fi 6E.

In addition to the wireless upgrade, the Quest 3 will feature a 40% slimmer optic profile, a Snapdragon chip capable of twice the GPU processing speed as the Quest 2, higher-resolution displays, and new Touch Plus controllers. And, of course, the headset will be capable of full-color passthrough mixed reality.

The Quest 3 is now all but confirmed to launch at Meta Connect when the conference kicks off on September 27th. By launch, of course, I mean that preorders will likely go live — customers can expect a little bit longer wait for boxes to get into stores. However, with FCC approval, that wait won’t likely be too long now!

If the Quest 3 isn’t for you, you can always spend seven times more for Apple Vision Pro when it launches in early 2024.

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