Meri Brown: Here’s to the Future, I’m Finally Moving On!

It’s been seven months since Meri Brown terminated her spiritual marriage.

But it now sounds like the Sister Wives cast member is at last ready to move on.

On Sunday, Brown shared the following selfie… and including with it a lengthy caption that didn’t directly address her January 2023 split from Kody Brown.

But you scarcely need to read between any lines to understand what Meri was referring to via the inspirational message.

Meri Brown likes to post selfies on Instagram. This one went up in August 2023. (Instagram)

“This year has been a season of change for me,” wrote Meri to open the statement.

“A time to look inward, decide what is me now, what is not anymore.

“A time to cherish the past and the memories it holds, while also letting go and reaching for my future.”

Meri, as loyal celebrity gossip and Sister Wives fans know well, often shares posts such as these. She’s the master of cryptic, vague, sort of motivational memes and messages on Instagram.

Meri Brown is trying her best to move on after a failed marriage to Kody. (TLC)

About a month ago, for example, Brown cited potential changes on the way — but didn’t exactly elaborate on what this might mean.

She married Kody in 1994, but the father of 17 then filed to divorce Meri in 2010 so he could exchange vows with new spouse Robyn and legally adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

A few years later, Meri met someone on the Internet and fell victim to a catfishing scam.

Kody saw this as a form of cheating and cut off any kind of emotional ties to his ex-wife; they remained in some kind of non-romantic relationship for years… until the official split in January.

What does everyone think? Meri Brown debuted a new hairstyle in July 2023. (Instagram)

“It’s been a time to part ways with all the ‘stuff’ holding me back, holding me down, and what is holding on to me, that stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore,” continued Meri on August 13.

“Physical stuff, emotional stuff, all the unneeded stuff.”

This, we’d have to imagine, would include anything and everything related to Kody.

Brown added this is “a time to shed resentment, pain, hurt, even those same emotions of others that I’ve been carrying, that are not mine to carry.”

Meri Brown posted this photo for social media followers to see in summer of 2023. (Instagram)

Meri is clearly going through a lot these days.

She just visited her parents’ gravestones and posted a tribute to her late mom and dad.

“This is a time to explore new things, new places, new people, new environments, to discover what is my future,” the mother of one wrote on Instagram this latest time around.

Meri Brown is in London in this photo, and looking pretty darn happy about it, too. (Instagram)

She concluded as follows:

It’s a time to create the updated version of me, and in doing that I’m not afraid to retreat into myself at times while I learn, create, and become, all the new parts of me.

For in retreating, looking inward, and making a change, that is where my best and brightest self is created.

The one who can love fully, give insight where appropriate, inspire deeply, and have an impact on those around me who can benefit from my stories and what I have to share.

THIS is my evolution.

Let’s all hope Meri Brown finds the happiness she continues to seek.

We’ll hear a lot more from her when Sister Wives returns with new episodes on Sunday, August 20.



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