Marlow Pillow and Cooling Pillow Protector Review 2023

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There is nothing more important to me than getting a good night’s sleep lately, but sadly, getting a solid eight hours of shut-eye is becoming harder and harder—especially when it’s hot and humid out. I have tried many different ways to improve my nightly sleep habits, but when I’m lying two inches away from a full-blast fan and still sweating at bedtime, the heat in my room is just too much to give me a real chance. There’s nothing worse than fruitlessly flipping a pillow repeatedly, only for both sides to be warm enough to make your head sweat.

I have spent years of my life sweating on pillows and sleeping poorly as a result, but when I tried the Marlow Pillow and Cooling Pillow Protector, my sleeping routine was forever changed. The Marlow Pillow and the Cooling Pillow Protector are without question the two most significant changes to ever happen to my sleep each night, and now that I’ve experienced both, I will never go back to a night in bed without them.

The most noticeable feature of the Marlow Pillow is how comfortable it is. The pillow is made with cooling memory foam to cradle your head perfectly without being an ultra-expensive modern contraption or filled with down feathers. The Marlow Pillow doesn’t sink too deeply or sit under your head like a block, but instead conforms perfectly to your head.

While each individual’s needs will be different, Marlow has designed the pillow to take care of the entire spectrum of sleepers. With zippers on each side, you can adjust the firmness and softness of the pillow based on your personal preferences. If you like a super firm pillow, keep both sides zippered up. If you like a fluffier, softer pillow, unzip both sides. Even for the picky middle-ground folks, you can use just one zipper to get the best of both worlds.

The Marlow Cooling Pillow Protector

Beyond the comfort, the pillow is antimicrobial and ventilated to stay cool and repel bacteria and sweat. This, of course, is only further amplified by the use of the Marlow Cooling Pillow Protector. The pillow protector is designed with patented thermoregulating technology and dual-action cooling fabric and is actively built to reduce heat and stay fresh throughout the night. The only way to really describe sleeping with it is that both sides of the pillow are the cool side.

On my first night using the pillow and the protector, the difference was stark. I actually slept comfortably despite my room being a humid 90 degrees. Beyond this, I woke up and clearly didn’t toss and turn throughout the night like I usually do. My head stayed comfortable and cool for hours without needing constant readjustment. It is nearly impossible to express how much better I felt that first morning than usual, but let’s just say that when the mid-afternoon blues came along, I didn’t start dosing off because I genuinely got a great night’s sleep.

The Marlow Pillow and Cooling Pillow Protector are an investment in the quality of your sleep that pays off immediately. If you need a better pillow that’s built for comfort and coolness, Marlow is the answer. Even if you already love your pillow but need to cool down when you sleep, simply slip the Cooling Pillow Protector over whatever pillow you already own and feel the difference all night long.

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