Man’s Act Of Kindness Turns ‘Defeated’ Veteran Into Best-Selling Author Overnight

Man’s Act Of Kindness Turns ‘Defeated’ Veteran Into Best-Selling Author Overnight

July 7, 2023

A 58-year-old Army veteran in Texas has become a best-selling author overnight after a TikTok video of him selling his debut book at a grocery store went viral.

TikTok / internetfamouslol

Shawn Warner had always dreamt of becoming a writer, but he was discouraged by people who told him that he couldn’t make a living out of it. But after recently being laid off from his software engineering job, he decided to pursue his childhood dream.

Warner published his first book “Leigh Howard And The Ghosts Of Simmons-Pierce Manor” and was promoting it at a local Kroger grocery store over Fourth of July weekend.

Jerrad Swearenjin happened to be shopping at Kroger that day when he walked past Warner looking “super defeated”, he said.

Before Jerrad left the store, something told him to go back to the table and buy a copy of the book — just to support Warner.

“I honestly don’t even read books nowadays,” he confessed.

Jerrad recorded his conversation with Warner and posted it to TikTok.

@internetfamouslol I was just shopping when i noticed this man trying to promote his new book. I honestly dont even read books nowadays. But something just told me to get a couple. #booksoftiktok #booktok #newauthor #showlovenothate #fyp #newbook #murdermystery #murdermysterybook #bookgiveaway ♬ original sound – Red

The video quickly went viral, and within hours, Warner’s book rose to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list.

“So yesterday on Amazon, he had two reviews and it’s his first book and now he’s a number one best-selling author on Amazon,” Jerrad said in a follow-up TikTok video.

Jerrad told WFAA after posting the video that he saw a fellow neighbor struggling and just wanted to help him out.

While Warner’s book remains top of the list on Amazon, he can’t believe the fame that has come from one person’s small act of kindness.

In a heartfelt video, the father-of-two thanked everyone for their support.

@shawnwwrites I have no words aside from Thank You supporting Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor! @internetfamouslol, @giwarnertamuedu. #booktok #booksoftiktok #newauthor #newtotok #yabooks ♬ original sound – Shawn

Warner’s success serves as a reminder that a simple act of kindness can have a significant impact on someone’s life.

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