Maccapani: the hot new Italian label you need to know

As a member of Italian fashion royalty, it’s pretty unsurprising that Margherita Missoni followed in her family’s footsteps and launched her own label. Maccapani – which takes its title from her middle name – landed with a concise collection earlier this year, and now comes to London through an exclusive concession at one of the city’s best-loved boutiques, Browns. 

Though she’s in a better position than most when it comes to kicking off a brand, Maccapani hasn’t been built overnight. Instead, Margherita has spent the last two decades working in the warmth of the family fold, honing both her skills and her eye. She’s also not rushed to carve out her own little niche – the label is the result of a good few years of plotting and planning.

With not a zig-zag in sight: instead, the designer has looked to the late 90s and early 00s for inspiration, with her debut offering clashing streetwear sensibilties with a touch of inspo from the golden days of the MTV Movie Awards’ red carpet. There’s also a hint of grunge, clashed with the kind of summery vibe seen in Y2K-era Hed Kandi videos. 

Made up of slinky, floor-length slip dresses, cut-away jumpsuits, barely-there halter-necks, and oversized tees bearing faded graphics, these are the kind of things you shimmy into on holiday somewhere hot, fresh out of the shower and doused in aftersun, or chuck on for a day exploring the city. The prints lend the looks a youthful playfulness, with gloopy pink blobs and tribal tattoo-esque motifs scattered across mini dresses, stretchy flares and easy camis. “The ideal day to night looks,” as Margherita puts it – an easy capsule wardrobe for all occasions.

Click through the gallery above for a look at the collection, and head here to shop. 

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