Kyle Richards is a Lesbian on Ozempic, Friend Jeff Lewis Says (She’s Stopped Speaking to Him)

Between Kyle Richards’ Ozempic rumors and the whispers about the state of her marriage to Mauricio, the RHOBH OG is dealing with a lot.

Many of her divorce rumors also linked her with Country singer Morgan Wade. Some even suggested that Kyle was leaving her husband for this younger woman.

Now, as Kyle appears as Morgan’s love interest in her new music video, one of Kyle’s own friends is weighing in.

On Watch What Happens Live, Jeff Lewis “joked” about Kyle being a lesbian and losing weight on Ozempic.

Kyle Richards appears as the love interest in Morgan Wade’s “Fall In Love With Me” music video. (Morgan Wade/YouTube)

How it started

On Tuesday, August 8, Jeff Lewis appeared alongside comedian Heather McDonald on Watch What Happens Live.

“Kyle and I are friends, and … she didn’t tell me she’s a lesbian on Ozempic,” Jeff said.

Andy Cohen became remarkably flustered by his line, even covering his face. It’s quite a statement.

Jeff Lewis appears as a guest on Watch What Happens Live on August 8, 2023. (Bravo)

Heather didn’t exactly help, even if her version of the “theory” was a bit more nuanced. And also more sincere.

“I definitely think she maybe is not in love or sexual,” she speculated. “But I think she was infatuated with Morgan.”

Not necessarily getting her hopes up, Heather added that she is a tremendous fan of “a late-in-life lesbian.” Relatable.

Heather also offered a very direct explanation for why she no longer believes that Kyle was straight-up having an affair with Morgan.

Simply put, she noted that Kyle has financially invested in Morgan’s career.

With that in mind, it’s absolutely in her best interests for people to talk about this woman.

One of the keys to Kyle Richards’ long-term reality TV success has been her expressiveness. She gives good face. (Bravo)

Is it really all for PR?

Even people who have never voluntarily listened to non-Dolly Parton country music in their lives (myself included) know who Morgan is.


Because of these rumors. If that was Kyle’s plan, it worked. And Morgan’s new music video really makes that look like it was the plan all along.

Kyle also plays Morgan’s love interest in her “Fall In Love With Me” music video.

All of this does seem to feed together into interest in Morgan’s music career. If it’s intentional, it’s a smart gambit.

It’ll be up to Morgan and her music, and to country music fans in general, to decide if Kyle’s investment will pay off.

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Iced out

TMZ caught up with Jeff Lewis on Thursday, August 10. Naturally, they wanted to know about his comments.

“When I brought up Kyle Richards, she’s a friend of mine, I was totally joking,” he clarified. Obviously.

Jeff detailed: “I was poking fun at the absurdity of all the rumors going around that she’s a lesbian and that she’s on Ozempic. I simply meant it as a joke.”

Jeff added that he “text[ed] her this morning at 6:30 a.m.” but at the time had “yet to hear back.”

Had Kyle simply not responded to the text yet? Or is she royally pissed.

Jeff admitted: “I don’t know, I hope not.”

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The silent treatment

Later that same day, Kyle confirmed over Amazon Live that she had received, but not replied to, Jeff Lewis’ texts.

“I’m not not talking to Jeff Lewis, I just don’t feel like responding to Jeff Lewis right now, to be honest with you,” she confessed. Harsh, but honest.

“I’m just tired of it,” Kyle added. She detailed: “I’m at my wit’s end with all of the stories about me out there and I just want everyone to be quiet.”

Kyle Richards Cries
Kyle Richards cries on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Bravo)

“It’s hard enough with people saying things about me and you just expect your friends not to,” Kyle added.

She expressed: “I kind of felt, like, yesterday with friends like that, who needs enemies?”

According to Kyle, Jeff’s mouth “gets him into trouble” and she quite frankly “wasn’t in the mood.”

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