Kyle Richards Engaged? Buying Rings with Gal Pal Morgan Wade?

Is Kyle Richards actually engaged to Morgan Wade … or does she just want RHOBH fans to think so?

Because, you know, you have to divorce one person before you hitch up with another!

Last year, Kyle spoke about needing space from Mauricio after split rumors dominated headlines.

And her fans could not help but notice how close she became with her new “friend,” country star Morgan Wade. It has seemed to be a very intimate friendship.

Some fans think that their friendship was a PR stunt that spun out of Kyle’s control. Others are terribly invested in them.

Either way, these two gal pals recently went out shopping and they were spotted looking at RINGS.

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards sit side-by-side.
Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards talk behind the scenes about how they first met. (Image Credit: Morgan Wade/YouTube)

Is Kyle Richards putting a ring on it?

Last Thursday was Kyle Richards’ birthday. She might not look it, but the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG is now 55.

How did Kyle celebrate the big day? Well, part of the agenda included a Tiffany & Co. shopping trip with her good, good friend Morgan Wade.

Page Six reports that Kyle and Morgan looked at jewelry together in Beverly Hills.

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards embrace.
Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade hug on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Just to clarify, Mauricio was nowhere in sight.

Mauricio Umansky is Kyle Richards’ husband of many years. They married in early 1996 — in fact, their 28th wedding anniversary will be on January 20.

Obviously, no one can say for sure that Kyle and Mauricio didn’t spend time together on her birthday. But as far as fans know, Kyle’s big day was all about buddy time with Morgan.

Morgan Wade receives a tattoo that seems to be very meaningful during the Season 13 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Kyle and Morgan had fun in the sun

And it was not the start of their good times, either.

Last week, Kyle and Morgan took a trip to Punta Mita, Mexico.

Eyewitnesses spotted the good, close buddies enjoying warmer weather. They weren’t alone, but a vacation is a vacation.

Kyle Richards in a Season 13 promo of RHOBH.
After what was clearly a stressful time, Kyle Richards cries during the Season 13 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Image Credit: Bravo)

There was no sign of Mauricio at Kyle’s hot winter getaway, either.

He did post a tribute to Kyle. After all, whatever else is or is not going on with them, they are still legally married, on paper.

“Wishing you a very Happy Birthday @kylerichards18,” Mauricio wrote on Instagram alongside a throwback clip of the RHOBH star. He set the clip to “Call Me Maybe,” which was 2012’s song of the summer.

Mauricio Umansky stands on a red carpet in 2023.
Mauricio Umansky attends FYSEE Reali-Tea | Netflix at Red Studios on May 13, 2023. (Photo Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

What went wrong with Kyle and Mauricio?

Kyle and Mauricio have both publicly insisted that neither of them did any “wrongdoing” to precipitate their current estrangement-like situation.

So, to be absolutely clear, they’ve made it clear that this isn’t a situation where Kyle did something extramarital with Morgan that ended her marriage.

“We are very good friends,” Kyle publicly stated last summer. She added that the relationship theories are “just a rumor.”

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade on a couch.
In addition to filming a music video together, Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards discussed their friendship and more behind-the-scenes. (Image Credit: Morgan Wade/YouTube)

Kyle and Morgan played love interests in Morgan’s music video. But she explained that these were just roles that they played.

“The internet’s a dumb place,” Morgan said accurately to People last summer.

“She’s extremely smart when it comes to business and how to mentally ignore s–t,” she added of Kyle. “She’s been such a great person to have in my corner to help me navigate stuff.”

Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards look at each other.
Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards meet up to discuss tattoos. (Image Credit: Bravo)

But denizens of the internet didn’t exactly pluck these rumors out of thin air. Like … let’s be serious about this.

In fact, during a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle said that “yeah,” she would date a woman.

Plenty of people would! And “would” doesn’t mean “currently am.” But Kyle isn’t just fanning the flames of rumors — it’s a fire that she started in the first place.

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