Kody Brown Clashes with Janelle in Awkward Sister Wives Premiere Sneak Peek

As you may have already seen in an extended preview for Sister Wives Season 18, Janelle Brown has pretty much had it.

She curses off Kody in revealing footage released a couple weeks ago by TLC.

Now, meanwhile, Us Weekly has dropped the first clip from the upcoming premiere, which will feature Janelle clashing with her spiritual spouse over the Coyote Pass property Kody purchased way back in 2018.

Kody Brown addresses the camera in this scene from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

“I don’t think we’re going to be building on this property by spring,” Kody tells the camera in this sneak peek.

“Coming up with money to pay off Coyote Pass … very difficult. Coming up with a down payment on a house … not hard.”

Kody bought this parcel of land after moving his family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona.

His goal was to build houses for each sister wife on the property, creating his own polygamous compound; however, no construction of any kind has been started there.

Janelle Brown has something to say in this Season 18 confessional. (TLC)

Kody, meanwhile, says in this clip that the Browns “could have” come up with the funds for a down payment on a house but claims in the clip that Janelle was “refusing to do that.”

Janelle, however, insists that Kody’s comments about money aren’t accurate.

“I think the biggest problem in forward movement is this argument that the family has whether we have the ability to pay off the property or not,” she says in a confessional.

“We have the money.”

Christine Brown is featured in this screen capture from a Sister Wives Season 18 episode. (TLC)

The complexities of the family’s money situation isn’t really the point here.

Instead, Janelle argues on the episode that the Browns are “in the same situation we were in when we gave Christine the money for her house and definitely when we gave Robyn [Brown] the money for her house.

She adds:

“I just feel like nobody is watching out for me. Nobody is prioritizing me. It’s not a five-alarm fire.”


Janelle announced in late 2022 that she and Kody have separated.

She’s talked broadly about her excitement over a brand new future in the months since, but hasn’t said much in public about the split itself.

On the upcoming premiere, though, we’ll see how Janelle and Christine have remained very close… despite no longer being in the same plural marriage.

“I still consider Janelle my sister wife. It’s super weird, I think. We’re not really just friends,” Christine says in the clip.

Christine Brown stares into the camera for this Sister Wives Season 18 promo pic. (TLC)

When it comes to Janelle’s wish to have a home on her portion of Coyote Pass, Christine has her back.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so excited for you,” Christine tells Janelle in the Us Weekly video after Janelle says she could break ground as early as spring.

Alas, we know at this point that such a build never got underway.

Janelle no longer has a stake in Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives Season 18 premieres on TLC Sunday, August 20 at 10/9c.

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