Kalani Faagata Took a “Hall Pass” After Asuelu Pulaa Cheated on 90 Day The Last Resort

We all knew that Asuelu Pulaa cheated on Kalani Faagata and would open up about it on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

But it turns out that adultery is only part of this story.

When pretending that nothing happened didn’t work, Asuelu offered Kalani a “hall pass” for a hookup of her own.

He never expected her to take it. But she did. And now Asuelu has the gall to be unhappy about it.

Asuelu Pulaa wisely asks if he should “hide” when his sister-in-law stops by the room on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

No one asked for 90 Day: The Last Resort, and it’s almost certainly a net negative. For the franchise and for humanity.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t points of interest.

When Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa receive a visit at their room at the resort in the Florida Keys, Asuelu asks if he should hide. Why? Because it’s Kalani’s sister.

Kalani Faagata greets her sister, Kolini, at the door on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

Kolini is a fan-favorite for many reasons. She also loves seeing her precious little nephews, Oliver and Kennedy.

Officially, she’s there because she’s on babysitter duty while Kalani and Asuelu film.

But she’s also there to touch base with Kalani. And, if he’s very lucky, to simply ignore Asuelu.

Kalani Faagata admits that she feels nervous to learn who else will be on the 90 Day: The Last Resort cast with her. (TLC)

Kolini focused upon her sister. How is Kalani feeling?

Kalani admitted that she was wondering who else would be on the cast. She’s non-confrontational, but she will clap back when needed.

If Kalani was dreading once again sharing a screen with a villain like Angela Deem, her anxieties were well-placed.

Kolini tells the camera that she felt fine with her brother-in-law, until she learned what he’d done. She doesn’t see him as trustworthy. (TLC)

Outside, Kolini told the confessional camera that she and Asuelu were in a relatively good place. Then she found out what he did.

She doesn’t see him as trustworthy. That’s probably because he isn’t!

Kalani Faagata very diplomatically asks for a new set of bedding, because she does not plan to share any with her husband. Good. (TLC)

Once they were alone, Kalani asked for a separate duvet and pillows. Her plan was for Asuelu to sleep in the other room, on the couch.

Asuelu expressed hurt. But when they later sat down to share their issues with the group, one had to wonder why he felt surprised.

“Asuelu went to Samoa to visit his dad,” Kalani told the group. “While he was there, he was going out all the time and drinking.”

Sitting around the fire on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa confesses to having cheated on his wife. (TLC)

“And one of the nights he went drinking,” Kalani recalled, “he supposedly just kissed someone.”

She spotted signs of what she says was a yeast infection on Asuelu’s tongue on a video call.

“There’s only certain ways you can get it. You either kiss someone [on the mouth] or you kiss someone down there,” Kalani shared.

Sitting beside husband Asuelu Pulaa, Kalani Faagata explains how one might get a yeast infection on their tongue. (TLC)

“But he said it was just a mouth kiss,” Kalani recounted. “I told him to please tell me the full truth.”

She told the group: “Then he disclosed that someone had offered to give him a blowjob, and he accepted it.”

Asuelu did confirm his infidelity to the group.

Kalani Faagata explains the marital strife that she and her husband have been facing. (TLC)

“I told him, ‘That’s a wrap; I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t deal with that,’” Kalani detailed.

“So then to make it even or fair, he said I could have a hall pass and I could go kiss someone if I wanted to,” she said.

“But he only told me that because he thought I wouldn’t do anything,” Kalani pointed out. Obviously.

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata sit by the fire, sharing their marital hardships with their 90 Day: The Single Life castmates. (TLC)

Kalani told the group that, in fact, she “did take the hall pass.”

Asuelu expressed: “it’s really hard because I give her the permission to go kiss somebody. When I say that, I have trust for her that she’s not going to do that.”

“I don’t understand how someone can tell you you can do something and you do it and then they’re upset. You gave me a hall pass, I took it,” Kalani replied. (Exactly! If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. Same with celebrity sex lists)

Kalani Faagata explains that husband Asuelu Pulaa became upset when she took the “hall pass” that he offered her in the first place. (TLC)

“I was a virgin when I met him and I was almost 29 years old,” a tearful Kalani noted. “So I trusted him and I loved him and I gave him literally everything.”

She added: “I wanted to come here to fully come clean to him. I was waiting for therapy to tell him. Asuelu offered to let me kiss someone.”

Kalani continued: “So I got to know this other guy. We did kiss each other. It escalated further to oral sex and then after that it escalated into actual sex.” Good for her!

Asuelu Pulaa’s eyes looked downright bloodshot on 90 Day: The Last Resort’s first episode. Perhaps from the crying. (TLC)

“It’s so painful because today I saw her still texting him, still talking to him even though they broke up. She still has this relationship connection,” Asuelu complained to the group.

To the camera, Asuelu added: “I’m more worried about how serious things [are] with her and the other guy.”

“I met this guy that I ended up kissing on social media. I didn’t really think it would go any further than like a date and a kiss,” Kalani told the camera. “But we ended up making a real connection and that’s something that’s been missing in my marriage for years now.”

Kalani Faagata took the “hall pass” that Asuelu Pulaa insincerely offered. Now, she needs to figure out her next step. (TLC)

“I’m here to figure out a lot of things,” Kalani affirmed. “I don’t really know what to do with the other guy.”

She acknowledged: “I don’t really know what to do with my marriage.”

But Kalani also affirmed: “I want to make it work. I just have a bunch of conflicted feelings.”

On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Asuelu Pulaa wonders if his wife will ever forgive him for what he has put her through. (TLC)

“I just feel hurt. I understand why you’re doing that. This is really challenging for me. I don’t know if you forgive me for what I did,” Asuelu later told Kalani.

“You didn’t even say sorry. You were just like, ‘It’s not a big deal,’” Kalani reminded him.

She also didn’t understand why Asuelu, who cheated on her and also gave her the go ahead for this hookup, found this “that upsetting.”

Walking back to their room on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani Faagata explains why this isn’t going to magically go away. (TLC)

Asuelu countered that he’s not trying to build a new life with his would-be mistress. He wants to make the marriage work.

“I never meant to stay in touch with this guy, but I’m also not the type of person that can sleep with someone and just forget about it,” Kalani told the confessional camera.

She explained: “I’m torn because I really want to make my marriage work with Asuelu but I also can’t seem to bring myself to forgive him.”

To the 90 Day: The Last Resort confessional camera, Kalani Faagata says that she never intended to keep in touch with her “hall pass.” (TLC)

Kalani said that she felt “hopeful that we can build from here and move on.”

Unwisely, Asuelu decided to ask her who was better in bed: him or this other guy.

Notably, Kalani has never been with anyone else. Until this hall pass, she’d never slept with anyone but Asuelu. (She has every right to make that choice, but it’s like only ever trying and eating one type of pizza for your entire life)

Unwisely, Asuelu Pulaa asks his wife if her “hall pass” was better in bed than he was. Asuelu was her first, after all. (TLC)

At his insistence, Kalani gave Asuelu a blunt anser.

“Your selfishness and how self-centered you are in your everyday life about like, ‘Let me do this and let me do that and leave my wife to do everything,’ you do that also sexually,” she told him.

In other words, he is every bit as selfish in bed as he is in all other walks of life.

Kalani Faagata tells her husband that the selfishness that he employs in all other walks of life also extends to what he does in bed. (TLC)

A tearful Kalani admitted that Asuelu doesn’t seem to understand how his actions have made her feel.

Meanwhile, it seems like Asuelu seems this guy as a threat. As if the problem were the third party, and not Asuelu’s behavior.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, as Asuelu asked Kalani: “DO you really have feelings for him?”

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