Kailyn Lowry Explains Blurry Photo, Swears She Isn’t Pregnant AGAIN

Here we apparently go again with Kailyn Lowry.

For nearly all of 2023, social media users examined various photos released online by the Teen Mom 2 alum, analyzing her statements and messages and spreading the rumor that she had secretly given birth to baby number-five late last year.

As it turned out, this speculation ended up being accurate.

In July, Lowry let is slip that she did, indeed, welcome a child this past November.

Kailyn Lowry wraps her arms around son Lux in this cute photo. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We don’t know the child’s name or gender or father — but he or she very much seems to exist.

Now, following the release of a photo from a recent trip to Mexico, many observers around the Internet think Lowry is pregnant again… with her sixth kid this time around.

The photo in question has been posted below.

As you can see, it features Lowry sitting in front of a gorgeous backdrop, with some sort of blurry filter having been used to make Kailyn look unclear to the naked eye.

Kailyn Lowry says she did NOT blur this photo because she’s pregnant. (Instagram)

Might this have been her way of hiding baby bum number-six?

No, Lowry insists.

“It’s literally just a blur effect,” Kailyn wrote in defense of the picture, clapping back against critics who have wondered why she chose to go this route.

“I’ll post the original to my story. I don’t need to photoshop,” the MTV personality added.

Kailyn Lowry attended the Webby Awards in 2023 with some kids. (Getty Images)

Lowry proceeded to share a number of photos and screen captures to her Instagram Story, including one image of her camera roll, showing two full body shots that were “favorited.”

“I ended up not posting this bc of my double chin but I guess I could’ve photoshopped it out,” she wrote, making it clear that she was concerned about her face… not her stomach.

Rumors of Lowry’s latest pregnancy have gone viral just one month after the podcast host seemingly confirmed she welcomed another baby just about nine months ago.

During the July 4 episode of her podcast, you see, the former reality star let it slip that she watched an episode of The Culpo Sisters — which premiered in November 2022 — while she was in labor with one of her sons.


“I actually watched — I first came across your show [when] I was in the hospital having one of my kids,” Kailyn explained to guest Aurora Culpo.

“The first episode that I saw was, I believe, you told your parents that you were, maybe, separating or divorcing and then one of your sisters was going to watch your kids.”

Considering the November 2022 air date of this episode? And considering Lowry straight up said she was having one of her kids?

There we seem to have it.

Kailyn Lowry looks beautiful and very warm in this beach selfie during her Thailand trip. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In this new case, it appears as if Lowry has successfully shot down all pregnancy rumors… but you sort of never know when it comes to this 31-year old.

Not counting the child born in November, Lowry also mom to four children:

Isaac, 13 (with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera); Lincoln, 9 (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin); and Lux, 5, and Creed, 2 (with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez).

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