Jessa Duggar: Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced She’s Pregnant With Baby #5!

Though some of her siblings have distanced themselves from their parents, Jessa Duggar has remained quite close with Jim Bob and Michelle.

And there’s no greater way for a Duggar daughter to show her loyalty than by birthing a ridiculous number of children.

It seems unlikely that any of Michelle’s daughters will match her feat of bringing 19 “blessings” into the world, but Jessa fans think she intends to give it the ol’ college try.

In fact, many of them are convinced that Jessa is secretly pregnant with her fifth child.

Jessa Duggar is receiving some harsh treatment on social media these days. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The speculation has been circulating for weeks, and there hasn’t been much in the way of hard evidence.

But on Reddit, Duggar-watchers are convinced that Jessa accidentally posted a baby bump over the weekend.

The photo in question was taken at a baby shower for Jessa’s friend Gabby.

Jessa Duggar poses next to her friend Gabby at a baby shower in August of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Jessa is wearing a rather loose-fitting billowy dress in the pic (though it would still be considered “immodest” by the ridiculously harsh standards of the Duggar dress code), but even so, some commenters are convinced they’re seeing a bump.

“So Jessa is having another blessing,” one person wrote on Reddit, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Jessa is absolutely pregnant. She’s so skinny, there’s no way that’s baby weight from Fern. And her face is very full,” another added.

Jessa Duggar poses with her two daughters in a photo taken in 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Oh wow Jessa is definitely pregnant,” a third chimed in.

“Think Jessa’s going to have to announce it now. The bump is obvious, especially in the fourth picture here,” a fourth opined.

Obviously, even if she is pregnant — and that’s still a mighty big if — Jessa doesn’t “have to” announce anything.

Jessa Duggar on Video
Jessa Duggar looks into the camera in this still from a 2020 video and talks about her mental health. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After all, she might have very valid reasons for keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

Jessa suffered a miscarriage last year, and her decision to go public with the news resulted in some surprising blowback.

Jessa underwent a life-saving procedure that could be categorized as an abortion, and because she and her family are militantly anti-choice, she was accused of hypocrisy.

Jessa and Ben and Children
Jessa and Ben are in the hospital in this photo, posing with their cute and large immediate family members in 2021. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Regardless of one’s stance on that issue, there’s no denying that it was an incredibly painful time for Jessa, and we’re sure she’s still coping with the trauma.

So if she is pregnant once again, it would make sense for the former reality star to keep the news to herself for as long as possible.

If Jessa is expecting, then we wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy — and if she’s not, then we wish her Instagram followers would stop openly obsessing over the state of her midsection!

It’s rude, people!

What's your reaction?

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