Jenelle Evans’ Son Found Safe After Running Away; Teen Mom Alum Issues Statement

For a period of time on Tuesday, Jenelle Evans was living every parent’s worst nightmare:

The son of this former Teen Mom star, Jace Evans, was reported missing by the authorities in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

“BCSO Deputies Searching for Runaway Juvenile, Jace Evans,” a post on the BCSO Facebook page read yesterday afternoon, adding that Jace was last seen leaving his school in Leland around 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday.

Before we go any further, we can assure folks at this time that Jace has been found.


Prior to the 14-year old was located, however, Jenelle said in a statement that the young man ran away after a disciplinary action was taken against him.

“As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I’m sure the majority of us all once did as kids too,” Jenelle told the public.

“Jace got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away and that’s when he decided to run off.

Jace is a good kid, and we’re not dealing with anything that most families don’t deal with while raising children.”

Jenelle Evans now has custody of her teenage son. Let’s hope this goes well for both of them! (Instagram)

The incident took place in the wake of his mother and his stepfather, David Eason, engaging in an ugly argument via social media.

First, Jenelle said she was stuck in her marriage.

Then, Jenelle accused David of stealing from her and making her depressed.

Evans shared Jace with ex Andrew Lewis; shared son 8-year old son Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith; and has a 6-year old daughter named daughter Ensley with Eason.

Jenelle Evans does not seem to have a stable marriage. This is apparent. (Instagram)

“This has absolutely nothing to do with my situation with David, we do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids,” Jenelle added on Tuesday.

“This is a teenage boy being a teenager mad that we decided to take his phone away.”

This same teenage boy has had a challenging childhood.

He was raised by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, due to his mom’s struggles with substance abuse and with responsibility in general.

Jenelle Evans and Her Son, Jace
Jenelle Evans cradles son Jace in this photo. Until recently, she did not have custody of the boy. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Evans was finally rewarded full custody of her eldest in March.

“My mom and I decided together to grant full custody back to me because we want to build our relationship back as mother and daughter,” Jenelle told Us Weekly on March 18.

“Also, my mother agrees it’s time for Jace to be back with his siblings and living with a mother and father.

“She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy things’ and have ‘men talk.’”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have cute kids. But their marriage doesn’t seem utopian. (Instagram)

Just a week or so before Jace went missing, Jenelle penned a tribute to her son on the occasion of his birthday.

“14 YEARS OLD EVERYONE! #HappyBirthday to Jace!” Jenelle captioned a photo of herself and her son.

“You’re growing into such a polite young man. I’m happy as long as you’re happy!”

Sadly, it appears as if Jace isn’t happy at all times these days.

Jenelle Evans already has three kids. But it seems that she’s hoping to have another! (Instagram)

According to TMZ, police spoke with Barbara on Tuesday shortly after Jace ran away… she said she had last spoke to her grandson the say before and that there was no cause for concern.

She also said she spoke to her daughter after learning about what had happened and that Evans told her to leave her alone.

Then, yesterday evening, Jenelle’s manager said in a short message:

“Jace has been found, and is safely at home with Jenelle and his family, thank you to the Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Department and to everyone else for their concerns.”

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