Jasmine Pineda Quashes 90 Day Fiance Rumor: Liz is My Sister, Not My Daughter!

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Gino and Jasmine went on a horny, kinky vacation.

That meant that Jasmine’s 20-year-old sister, Liz, got a well-deserved break from the drama.

Given that she’s living with Jasmine, fans have been spinning wild rumors.

Is Liz actually Jasmine’s daughter from a teen pregnancy? Well, no — but Jasmine has more to say than just that.

We can all agree that Liz has had to sit through and witness a lot of nonsense. (TLC)

Liz is wise beyond her years.

She turned 20 years old while Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda were filming for Season 6.

(We hope that her actual birthday celebration was more fun than pedaling around while Jasmine negged Gino about his sexual performance)

There are things that Liz has heard that no one should ever have to. (TLC)

Liz remains calm in the face of her sister’s pendulous emotions.

She offers reasonable advice, encouraging Liz to act her age and calm herself instead of spiraling in distress.

Liz can’t make Jasmine or Gino make better choices. But she’s a breath of fresh air during this chaotic storyline.

In a meme-worthy moment, Jasmine Pineda’s younger, wiser sister Liz asks: “Why don’t you drink some water and try to calm down” on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Episode 5. (TLC)

However, this season, some viewers have been spinning wild and unsubstantiated theories about her.

According to these fans, Liz isn’t Jasmine’s sister. She’s allegedly her daughter from a teen pregnancy.

It could be worse, but if it’s not true, it’s not very nice. Not to Jasmine or to Liz, who is a real person with real feelings.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days cast member Jasmine Pineda shared this photo of her sister, Liz, and message about kindness in early August of 2023. (Instagram)

So, is there any truth to this rumor?

According to Jasmine, none at all.

Over the weekend, she took to Instagram to invite fans to “stop with the silly conspiracy theories about Liz being my daughter.”

On Instagram, Jasmine Pineda addressed the conspiracy theories about her sister’s parentage. (Instagram)

So why was Liz staying with Jasmine, even during Gino’s visit?

Jasmine explained that Liz was not in a good place, emotionally.

Her father, Jasmine revealed, had recently deserted her (and the rest of the family) after knocking up an unidentified 25-year-old.

It was Jasmine Pineda’s mother, she explained, who reached out to her about Liz. (Instagram)

So she needed some emotional support.

This became a pressing issue, as Liz was having second thoughts about attending college.

College can be a difficult time for many students. Her current emotional distress over her father’s choices could have derailed her whole life.

Heaping praise upon her younger sister Liz, Jasmine Pineda gushed over her younger sibling. (Instagram)

The good news is that it sounds like Liz had time to process her feelings and move on.

Unfortunately, this allegedly happened with no help from her father.

Obviously, we only have Jasmine’s side of things. But it’s not unbelievable that a man would chase after a younger woman and then devote all of his attention on her after impregnating her. It happens every day.

According to Jasmine Pineda, she offered to finance her sister’s university tuition after paternal abandonment. (Instagram)

Liz wants to be a pilot!

She is traveling a lot, and still making time to visit her mother.

(Remember, these shows film many, many months before they air)

Liz wants to be a pilot, Jasmine Pineda reveals. Her young sister is going places — literally! (Instagram)

We suspect that these rumors had very little to do with Liz.

Rather, this was about Jasmine. A lot of viewers do not like her, and so they invented a story that entertained them.

We think that Gino and Jasmine have enough natural drama without needing any manufactured chaos. Let’s leave Liz out of it.

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