In a World Full of Karens Be a Beth Meme List and Examples

If you never heard of the phrase ” In a world full of Karens be a Beth ” you must have been living under a rock or something. But for the sake of this article, let’s explain. 

A Karen is a phrase or name that was made up by people to describe an annoying woman that is just complaining about the world around her, having an issue with everything, while a Beth is a perfect woman who just lives her life.

Here’s how Urban Dictionary describes each:


  • Complains about everything
  • Doesn’t help anyone
  • Thinks she knows best

Usually a middle aged woman ( maybe a blonde ) that always thinks she has the solution to other people’s problems even though they don’t affect her in any way.

A Karen is a type of person who will sue the local grocery store for having a few apples that are not perfectly red, or sue the city for installing a STOP sign that blocks the sun to her kitchen window for like 3 minutes a day. Even though the sign was put there after a terrible car accident and it is literally saving lives.

Karen refuses to help others even though it is the easiest thing to do, she asks to see the manager every day when she comes to the supermarket with silly issues that only she thinks are important.

She loves complaining that her favorite parking spot was replaced by a handy cap space and a ramp was placed for wheelchairs, and she parks there still and brags about it.

Everyone knows at least one Karen.

On the other hand, you have a Beth, here’s how Urban Dictionary describes a Beth:


  • Love to help others
  • Generally tries to solve people’s problems in a nice way
  • Perfect partner, loves unconditionally

Simply put, perfection. A Beth is a woman that will amaze you in every chance she has. Every word or action from her is simply nice and perfect and pleasant to your ears. You will not be able to sleep at night when you are in a relationship with a Beth, but you will like it.

She will occupy your brain all day, in a good way and everyone will just keep saying how great she is, and she really is.

IF you can win her heart, she will be the best partner you will ever have and be considered the luckiest person in the world for sure.

Everyone wishes they knew a Beth.

The Beth character became famous from the hit show Yellowstone which is a modern day Game of Thrones show if you will, it’s a bout a family who owns a ranch and tries to protect it from pretty much everyone.

With the popularity of the show, memes started popping up about it, and more specifically, about Beth, so this article will give you the best in a world full of Karens be a Beth memes to have a good laugh.

In a world full of Karens be a Beth meme list

1. In a world full of Karens be a Beth

2. Parent all day – Drink all night

3. Your drama – ME

4. What would Beth Dutton do now?

5.  When you mention Yellowstone and your friends think of the park

6. Walking out of work like…

7. Don’t push my Beth Dutton button

8. You are the trailer park and I am the tornado

9. How I feel when the zoom call is over an hour

10. Be right back, challenging my inner Beth Dutton

11. Beth Dutton is my spirit animal

12. In a world full of Kardashians, be a Beth Dutton

13. Happy birthday – Celebrate like Beth would

14. Seems about right

15. You are the RIP to my Beth

16. Why are you trying to test the Beth Dutton in me

17. Beth Dutton state of mind

Memes on popular TV shows is nothing new, probably going on since the days of Dallas. If you like these type of meme galleries, check out this article about the show Supernatural with these funny 30 Supernatural memes

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