How to Design a Kitchen with Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-styled cabinets are genuinely attractive, thanks to their eye-catching features. The beauty and functionality of shaker cabinetries with the bold black stain is, however, of a higher level. Their bold black shade and simple classic design make them compatible with all kitchen interior designs.  

This article is all about black shaker kitchen cabinets. Continue reading to know how you can use them to design your kitchen. 

Shaker-styled cabinets with finished black stain are a signature feature of kitchens in both classic and contemporary homes. Here are the reasons for their popularity. 

The dark and bold outlook of black gives it an unmatched simplicity. With black kitchen cabinets, you can use various colors in the kitchen to create the outlook of your choice. Black shaker kitchen cabinets are known for their simplicity not just in terms of visual but ornamental aspects as well.

They typically feature fewer decorations, wood-grain finish, plywood shelving, and soft-closing doors with concealed yet adjustable hinges; all of which makes them ideal for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. 

Black shaker cabinets are not only loved for their simplicity but also for their beauty and elegance. The timeless shaker-design outlook adorned with soft-closing flat-recessed birch doors and boxed shelving, all covered with a smooth finished black stain can create a beautiful outlook in any kitchen area. 

Depending on the colors you incorporate in your kitchen-in terms of walls, floors, or kitchenware-your kitchen is bound to look beautiful if you install black shaker cabinetry. Because black is a good shade for color contrast, you can pair black cabinets with many colors if you want the beauty in your kitchen to be expressed by color contrast. 

Shaker cabinets are ideally the most functional. They have been rated highly by homeowners in terms of return on investment. This is simply because they are built to last long, as demonstrated by their typical classic hardwood construction. 

With black shaker kitchen cabinets, your kitchen cleaning exercises are made easy since their dark hue is good for hiding dirt. Nevertheless, you must regularly clean them for hygiene purposes and to maintain their beautiful appearance. 

Tips on How to Style Up your Kitchen with Black Shaker Cabinets

Now that you know why black shaker cabinetries are ideal options in interior design, you need to learn how you can use them to enhance the outlook of your kitchen. Consider the following, if you want to style up your cooking hall with black-stained shaker drawers. 

  • Consider the Design of Shaker Cabinets

Shaker-styled cabinetries come in different designs, in terms of cabinet construction. You can opt for cabinetry with full overlay doors if you prefer drawers with a flat appearance. If you consider stability, then insert cabinets are a better option. 

Shaker cabinets with partial overlay doors are, on the other hand, considered a cheaper option. You will never need extra hardware to operate the cabinetry, thanks to the small gaps between the doors. All in all, you need to pick the design that conforms to the outlook and functionality you want in your kitchen. 

  • What’s your Kitchen Style?

Besides considering the design of the shaker cabinets you want, you need to know the kitchen design of your choice. Whereas black shaker cabinets are perfect for both traditional and modern interiors, your preferred kitchen interior design will determine the black shaker kitchen cabinets you can incorporate in your cookhouse. 

Classic shaker cabinets should be your option if you prefer rustic or vintage kitchen designs. You can also opt for light-toned drawers if you want a transitional kitchen design. Modern shaker kitchen cabinets come with luxurious features, including glass or ceramic countertops and shiny metallic hardware, features that define modern kitchen designs. 

The dark shade of black cabinetry can make a kitchen hall look dark if it is not paired with a brighter color in the absence of sufficient lighting. With black shaker cabinets, the color white is the perfect preference in terms of creating color contrast. The blend of black and white is arguably visually appealing and can easily be mixed with other colors. 

In addition, white can reflect more light to make the kitchen light and lively. The walls, backsplashes, and kitchen floor, are the areas you can incorporate white. Besides this, you can opt for black and white shaker kitchen cabinets to add contrast in your cooking area with the blend of black and white 

  • Repaint the Cabinets and Walls

Repainting the cabinetry is a cheaper option in terms of refreshing the outlook of a kitchen’s interior. Your kitchen can look old or out of style simply because the cabinet or wall color has faded. Hence, you need to repaint the cabinets and walls as soon as you notice that their shades are fading. 

You should consult an interior design specialist when thinking of repainting the cabinets or walls. A specialist can help you know the color codes of shades of the walls or cabinetry. 

Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets 2

How to Find Black Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinetries for sale are available on several online shopping platforms. You can also find them in furniture stores or showrooms near you. Online reviews can help you locate where to find black shaker kitchen cabinets that go well with your style and budget. You should consider the following when making purchases. 

Depending on your kitchen renovation budget, you need to consider cabinets with high-quality materials. High-quality drawers can maintain their great looks for a long time, regardless of how frequently they are used. 

  • Kitchen Renovation Budget 

The budget you have set aside will determine the type and size of cabinetry you can buy. Because you don’t want to be bankrupt after renovating your kitchen, you need to buy cabinets whose price will not break your budget. 

Final Thoughts

Black kitchen cabinets are a timeless option in kitchen interior design. They are bold, simple, and elegant; features that make them ideal for all kitchen designs. Follow us for more tips on how to renovate the kitchen.

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