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You spend plenty of time in your bedroom, and it’s the place where you go to rest. So it makes sense to turn it into a relaxing, tranquil haven to boost your well-being. Doing so need not be costly or complicated. These tips will give you a head start.

Declutter for a relaxing environment

Like many people, you’re perhaps very visual, in which case clutter disturbs your peace of mind. It’s easy to get used to bedroom clutter, even when it’s an eyesore, especially when you’re busy. You might imagine you’ll get around to having a grand clear-out, but realistically, the day you de-junk the bedroom may only arrive if you make it happen.

Your surroundings affect your emotions, and clothing piles, scattered books, and other paraphernalia can be hazardous when you want to relax.

If you can’t see yourself taking the clutter to task because you’ve more urgent responsibilities, get into the habit of tidying away a single item each time you visit the bedroom. As long as you are also mindful not to add extra clutter, your bedroom will gradually become clutter-free and easier on the eye.

Use feng shui to align decor with calmness

You need not understand very much about feng shui to use it to make helpful tweaks to your bedroom, aligning it with tranquility and rest. According to feng shui basics, sharp-looking objects, which include anything with points like square tables, generate disharmony.

Of course, getting rid of every pointed item in your bedroom is probably impractical, and you may like them, anyway. So, instead of ditching them, use a feng shui cure: cover sharp edges with throws or other soft furnishings, and they won’t create invisible poison arrows that disturb the environment.

Another helpful feng shui idea is to put your bed in the command position, which means you face the door while lying down, yet you aren’t directly in line with it. Doing so will aid a peaceful mind and help you relax.

Also, choose bedroom art selectively. For example, pictures of couples, rather than single individuals, will help you attract or keep a mate. On the other hand, if your priority is relaxation, ensure the main artwork on the bedroom walls depicts tranquil landscapes and comforting images that make you feel calm.

Ensure your bedroom’s fresh and sweetly scented

Stale air from gym shoes, pets, and other sources isn’t great for generating a relaxing atmosphere. So oust items that don’t smell great and wash pet bedding.

Open the windows, even for a short time, and let in fresh air daily. Then, consider scenting the air with a natural fragrance that aids calm well-being, too.

Essential oils, potpourri, or scented candles will do the trick. Soothing aromas include lavender, chamomile, and vanilla, but any scent that puts you in a relaxed, happy mood will work. You could also place a vase of sweet-scented flowers like freesias in your bedroom.

Decorate with soft textures

What springs to mind when you consider the word cozy? Doubtless, you picture soft pillows, blankets, and rugs. Soft furnishings are your friend if you want to transform your bedroom into a tranquil haven to help you relax.

Scatter velvet, cotton, or silk cushions on your bed to make it super-comfy when you want to read or listen to calming music before sleeping. Also, place a deep, soft rug by your bed; it will be comfy and warm on your bare feet before you climb under the covers.

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Ensure you furnish your bedroom with plenty of snuggly blankets and throws; just seeing them will help you relax, and they’ll be handy if you want to wriggle under them on chilly nights.

Take unnecessary gadgets out of the bedroom

Ideally, there will be few sleep-stealing electronic gadgets in your bedroom. The blue light emitted by computers, and the constant temptation to use your phone, are likely to make you anxious instead of relaxed, so put them away at night.

If you must keep electronic goods in your bedroom, ensure you stop using them at a set time before going to bed. Give yourself an hour or so without them in which to unwind and de-stress, and you will enjoy improved sleep.

Most people want their bedrooms to be tranquil havens where they can relax and sleep well. If you feel the same, take steps to transform yours so it aligns with calmness. De-clutter, oust electronic goods, and be mindful about how you decorate. Your efforts will pay off and ensure your bedroom is snug and inviting.

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