Fisker debuts an entire range of new EVs, including one sub-$30,000

Four Fisker EVs on stage
Enlarge / Unfortunately, this is the only photo of the new EVs that Fisker chose to share with the media. From left to right, a Fisker Ocean, a Fisker PEAR, a Fisker Alaska, and a Fisker Ronin.


The electric vehicle startup Fisker made a splash in Huntington Beach last night, showing off a range of new EVs it plans to build alongside the Fisker Ocean, which is slowly beginning deliveries in Europe and the US. With shades of Lotus circa 2010, it seems there’s something for most tastes, with a powerful four-door GT, a versatile pickup truck, and an affordable electric city car.

“We want the world to know that we have big plans and intend to move into several different segments, redefining each with our unique blend of design, innovation, and sustainability,” said CEO Henrik Fisker.

Starting with the cheapest, the Fisker PEAR—a cutesy acronym for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution”—is said to use 35 percent fewer parts than other small EVs. Although it’s a smaller car, the PEAR seats six thanks to front and rear bench seats. Oh, and it has a frunk, which the company is calling the “froot,” something that will satisfy some British English speakers like Ars’ friend and motoring journalist Jonny Smith.

But most exciting is the price—starting at $29,900 and scheduled for 2025. Fisker plans to contract with Foxconn to build the PEAR in Lordstown, Ohio, meaning it would be eligible for federal tax incentives.

The Fisker Alaska is the company’s pickup truck, built on a modified version of the platform used by the Ocean. It has an extendable cargo bed, which can be as little as 4.5 feet (1,371 mm) or as much as 9.2 feet (2,804 mm) long. Fisker claims it will be both the lightest EV pickup on sale and the most sustainable pickup truck in the world. Range will be an estimated 230–240 miles (370–386 km).

This, too, is slated for 2025, and also at a relatively affordable price, starting at $45,400. Fisker hopes to build this car in North America as well, although it isn’t saying where that might take place.

Finally, there’s the Ronin, a four-door GT that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Fisker Karma, Henrik Fisker’s 2012 creation. There’s no price for this one, but Fisker says its all-wheel drive powertrain will boast 1,000 hp (745 kW) and will hit 60 mph from a standing start in two seconds—just about as fast as modern tires will allow. Expect a massive battery in this one, as Fisker says it’s targeting a 600-mile (956 km) range.

“Innovation and sustainability, along with design, are our three brand values. By 2027, we intend to produce the world’s first climate-neutral vehicle, and as our customers reinvent their relationships with mobility, we want to be a leader in software-defined transportation,” Fisker said.

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