Christine Brown Spinoff: A New Season is on the Way!

Television viewers and Internet users are about to get a lot of Christine Brown over the next several weeks.

As previously reported, the long-time TLC personality will return for yet another season of Sister Wives this month, with new episodes scheduled to premiere on Sunday, August 20.

Based on a recent extended trailer?

Things are about to explode between the Browns, too.

Christine Brown is seen here in a promo for Season 3 of her show Cooking with Christine. (Instagram)

Now, meanwhile, we’ve learned that a third season of Cooking with Christine is on the way.

In a new Instagram post on the official TLC account, Christine is featured in a dark green shirt, smiling in a kitchen and telling folks:

I’m Christine Brown from Sister Wives and I’m back with more of my favorite recipes.

The footage then cuts to Christine cooking, joined by her co-star and close pal Janelle Brown, as you can see down below:

Janelle Brown will part of Cooking with Christine Season 3. (TLC)

“I am a timid cook and this is actually not that hard,” Janelle tells her colleague.

The preview continues with glimpses of the recipes to come — including banoffee pie, eclairs, and plenty of savory dishes.

“Best of all, I have my family here to help me,” Christine adds, giving us glimpses of daughter Mykelti; her husband Antonio (Tony) Padron; daughter Ysabel; and her youngest daughter, Truely.

Christine Brown stares into the camera for this Sister Wives Season 18 promo pic. (TLC)

Christine, of course, split from Kody Brown in November 2021.

We saw the relationship fall apart throughout Sister Wives Season 17, and we then saw in real time how Christine has managed to move on from her selfish ex-spouse.

Like, WAY on.

As in: She’s now engaged to David Woolley!

Looks like a fun hike! David Woolley shared this photo of himself and Christine Brown out and about in the summer of 2023. (Instagram)

It’s unclear exactly when they’ll get married, but we’d expect the ceremony to be filmed by TLC and to air at some point during a future Sister Wives season.

And, yes, there will continue to be Sister Wives seasons… despite Kody only being married these days to a single wife, Robyn.

This past May, Howard Lee (President of Discovery Networks and TLC) spoke in detail with Variety about the show, whose popularity has remained pretty steady after all these years and all these recent changes.

This is the official poster for Sister Wives Season 18, courtesy of TLC. (TLC)

“I hope Sister Wives doesn’t end,” the executive told Variety as part of this recent expose on the program.

Added showrunner Chris Poole in this same article:

“There’s always something going on. I am confident there’s always going to be something going on, because they are who they are.”

This is definitely accurate.

Janelle and Christine Brown have remained very good friends throughout the drama of Sister Wives. (Instagram)

As for a potential Christine and Janelle Brown spinoff?

Like, an actual one, not just a Web series such as Cooking with Christine?

“Of course I would love to [do spinoffs] and I think people would love to see what happens to each one of them. But fortunately, we’re in a place right now where we’re covering that on Sister Wives,” Poole explained to Variety.

“Nobody’s disappearing from the show.”


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