Charity Lawson Confronts Bachelorette Suitor, Expresses No Remorse Over His Treatment

The Men Tell All?

On Monday night, it was more accurate to state that Charity Lawson went ahead and told absolutely all, especially when it came to one suitor in particular.

That would be Brayden.

Charity Lawson looks pretty relaxed on the couch here across from Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer. (ABC)

“I will be honest, I did not like how you talked about our relationship to a lot of the guys,” Charity said to Brayden on stage during this special episode.

“That was really hard for me to watch back. I was caught off guard by like, you know, the comments of wanting me to not … turn off of being the Bachelorette of just like wanting to see me off.

“And I’m like, I feel like I was my 100 percent authentic self to you the whole time.”

Viewers were shocked back when Charity gave Brayden her First Impression Rose.

They were then thrilled when she sane Brayden home after he made it clear he had no intention of proposing to her on this season’s finale.

Charity Lawson is all smiles in this photo from her Men Tell All special. (ABC)

Overall, Lawson said this week said didn’t have any regrets about how she dealt with her and Brayden’s relationship.

“I gave you a lot more grace than I think I should’ve given you, if I’m being honest,” she said.

Brayden then confessed he “could’ve been better about sharing some of the stuff with the guys,” adding on stage:

“I’m sorry if that me talking to the guys definitely hurt you in any way. That wasn’t my intention but I’m grateful for getting to meet you.”

Xavier Bonner was one of the contestants on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. (Photo Credit: ABC)

From there, Lawson turned her attention to Xavier having admitted to cheating on a previous girlfriend.

“That was just not something I saw coming,” The Bachelorette said.

“I think for me in that moment, when Xavier and I had that conversation, the way everything like just kind of came out, I was like, this should’ve been told to me way ahead of time.”

She didn’t imagine that Xavier would have admitted to this, at the time he admitted to it, if he had any plans to get down on one knee in front of her.

Xavier offered this peace offering to Charity on the Men Tell All special. (ABC)

Xavier denied this, however.

“In my heart, there was no doubt that I wanted to be with you and that I was ready to be with you,” he said to Charity.

“In my head, I had that doubt. I didn’t know how to suppress it. I can be that faithful person, it just didn’t come out in the right way.”

Charity listened and said she sort of understood — but emphasized that Xavier never would have lasted on the show as long as he did if she had known about his past at an earlier time.


As for what we can expect on next Monday’s finale?

You know where to find detailed Bachelorette spoilers, but ABC also aired a new teaser to close out the Men Tell All special.

“I’m glad that he did not give up on this and that he saw me as someone worth fighting for, but there is this new added layer of pressure,” Charity said in the preview, which featured the return of Aaron.

“Now I am reconsidering everything.”

Meanwhile, both Dotun and Joey also saw Charity as their future wife.

“I never imagined being in love with three incredible guys,” Charity said. “But for the first time in all this, I’m like, truly not okay.”

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