Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods Explain Why They Keep Getting Back Together: He Has a Secret Good Side!

Ahead of the premiere of 90 Day: The Last Resort, there’s more to Big Ed Brown’s interviews than calling Loren Brovarnik a low class bottom-feeder.

He and on-again, off-again (ad nauseam) fiancee Liz Woods discussed their tumultuous relationship.

No one understands why Liz has taken him back even once, let alone roughly a dozen times. He’s rude and his behavior is inexcusable.

But Liz swears that there’s a secret good side to Ed. One that apparently no one else has witnessed in all of his years on screen.

Sitting down with Entertainment Tonight, Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods tried to explain why she hasn’t left him for good. Yet. (Entertainment Tonight)

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods spoke to Entertainment Tonight about still being together. Even after all of the times that he’s dumped her.

“Well, when I first met Ed we actually didn’t really get along,” Liz admitted. Is that different from now?

“But then during the pandemic when we met at the restaurant,” she detailed, “our restaurant was just re-opening.”

Big Ed Brown Toasts with Liz Woods
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days villain Big Ed Brown and 90 Day: The Single Life star Liz Woods share a pair of tiny, colorful drinks. (Instagram)

“And he didn’t want to go home,” Liz recalled, “and then I was getting out of a very bad relationship.”

And just getting into a new very bad relationship, we see.

“So then we would just kind of hang out and just talk for like a half hour after work every day,” Liz explained.

Big Ed Brown Kisses Liz Woods
90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown kisses Liz Woods, known to fans as Liz Marie, in an awkward on-screen moment. (TLC)

“So I got to, like, get to know him. Not Big Ed — I got to know Ed, his heart, how he is,” Liz claimed.

“And that’s a side that people don’t get to see,” she alleged.

“So,” Liz went on, “I just got to know about him and his family and his mom and he was so good with [my daughter] Riley.”

The infamous Big Ed Brown appears alongside his on-again, off-again (a dozen times over) love, Liz Woods in this promotional image for 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

Liz detailed: “Riley would go to work with me almost every day during the pandemic.”

She explained that this was “because there’s no childcare and no school.”

Liz then shared “And over time, he would just bring her, like, little toys and stickers.”

Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown have never been, um, particularly shy. (TLC)

“So that was when I kind of saw a different side to him,” Liz reflected.

“So we became friends,” she noted, “and I just got to know his heart.”

Liz continued: “Then when we started dating, he always made sure I was eating, he always made sure I had my coffee.”

Notorious franchise villain Big Ed Brown and his on-again, off-again fiancee (they have gotten back together about a dozen times, literally, that we know of) Liz Woods appear on the 90 Day: The Last Resort superteaser. (TLC)

“I’d get off of work and he had my bubble bath ready every night, or, he, like, massaged my feet,” Liz shared.

“I know Ed,” she insisted. “And I mean, it’s been pretty rocky.”

She alleged: “But I also get to see, like, how his heart is. And it’s not always just negative.” 

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods have made viewers feel uncomfortable in a number of ways. (TLC)

At present, Ed is claiming that therapy has adjusted his view of things.

“I haven’t changed one thing about Liz I admire,” Ed noted. “She’s never broken up with me.” That was all him.

He continued: “And she’s never given up on me and I came out of, like, a 29-year, you know, not dating anybody.”

Rosemarie Vega please change your behavior
Rosemarie Vega asked Ed Brown to please change his behavior. Unfortunately for other women, he did not take her advice. (TLC)

Clearly, Ed is not counting the previous target of his misbehavior, Rosemarie Vega.

“I didn’t really know how to be a boyfriend,” he said, “and I went and started to get therapy.”

Ed detailed: “And the therapist mentioned 15 co-dependencies. I think I had 14 of them.”


“But Liz really kind of, in a way trained me on how to, you know, become a boyfriend,” Ed praised.

Just as Angela Deem has claimed that 90 Day: The Last Resort made her a better person (which recent news about Angela clearly debunks), Ed has something similar to say.

“I’m realizing that in life, if you’re not happy within yourself — which I haven’t been for a while — you can’t make the other person happy,” he said of what he learned while filming.

90 Day Fiance fans are giving Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods a hard time over this “affectionate” photo. Ed does not really put people in a cuddly mood. (Instagram)

Ed also said some weird stuff about being a circus performer in a past life and having a guardian angel.

Things that he allegedly learned while filming.

Yeah, 90 Day: The Last Resort is really stretching “counseling” into new, unorthodox definitions.

Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ Tell All appearances were not their finest moments. (TLC)

With ominous rumors of Ed and Liz getting married in the very near future, neither of them could comment. They are under contract.

Ed said that, hypothetically, he would absolutely want to televise their wedding. (Of course he would) Liz had some reservations.

Liz deserves better. Anyone would.

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on Monday, August 14.

No, we have no idea why TLC’s schedule for this franchise has been so clownish this summer. Maybe it’s some weird experiment, but each spinoff is stepping on the others’ toes.

Maybe it’ll all make sense in a while. But probably not.

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