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It turns out that legendary explorer, survivalist, TV personality, author, and former British soldier Bear Grylls and I have a lot in common. We’re both dads, cherish the wilderness, globally-beloved television shows, and love the outdoor clothing and gear brand Jack Wolfskin.

In fact, I’d been wearing a Jack Wolfskin shirt the very morning I caught up with Bear for a Zoom chat, ironically enough. I wore it while mowing the lawn—not while braving the wild—but hey, a good sweat-wicking shirt is a good wicking shirt, regardless of circumstances. Besides, I’ve worn Jack Wolfskin apparel high in the mountains and deep in the woods—not just for lawn care—thank you very much.

Bear turns to this 41-year-old European brand just about every time he is headed out, and as it happens, that’s not just when he is headed out for an adventure—he just always wants to be prepared.

Take a look at a few of Bear Grylls’ favorite picks from Jack Wolfskin, along with a few of mine, and if you pick up a few of these pieces yourself, know that you’ll be better prepared for your next hike, climb, campout, or for the unexpected adventure that arises with life’s occasional curveball.

Pack & Go Down Packable Jacket

Down from $190

“I always pack a little lightweight down jacket when I go on almost every adventure,” Bear Grylls said, adding: “Even a hot one. Hot deserts get super cold at night, you know? And you never know when you’re unexpectedly going to have to stay somewhere for longer. You get injured, you get lost, stuff happens… even just changing a tire on the side of the road.” As its name suggests, this jacket is lightweight and ready to be packed and stashed when not needed, but when you pull it on, you’ll see why Bear Grylls swears by a Jack Wolfskin puffer: it’s surprisingly warm and very comfortable. And it’s comforting to know you won’t be braving the cold without it.

Men’s Gutleut Overhead Rain Jacket

“I’ll always pack a Jack Wolfskin lightweight smock,” Bear told me, adding: “I love their lightweight coats. They’re windproof, rainproof; you can wear them on a hot day or layer them on a cold day.” This half-zip is perfect for the mild spring or fall weather, but as Bear said, you can always use it in warmer weather; just reduce your base layers or make it your outer shell in the cold when you add layers. And when you don’t need protection from the rain or sun, this jacket rolls up or folds down small for easy packing away.

Men’s Prelight Pro T-Shirt

This is the very shirt I was wearing mere hours before talking to Bear Grylls, and, again, it was pure coincidence—and proof that this is a damn good brand. In my Prelight Pro shirt, I know that sweat will be wicked away from my skin with excellent efficiency and then released into the air, allowing the shirt to remain dry. The shirt releases heat well, mainly thanks to the almost mesh-like back panel and two underarm fabric patches, which is good because I heat up fast. I’ve worn my Prelight Pro T at the gym, on long runs in hot weather, and, yes, mowing the lawn.

Holdsteig Pants Softshell Hiking Pants

Down from $160

These hiking pants will protect your legs from scratches, scuffs, and bug bites, wick away sweat and moisture, and they’re just as durable as they are flexible. While designed for trekking, I’d say they’re suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities, from climbing to cycling and even paddling. While they’re not cheap, like I say, once you wear great hiking pants, you’ll know what you were missing in those sweats or jeans or joggers you used to pull on before heading out.

Moonshine Altis Fleece Jacket

Down from $110

If you do a Google Image search of Bear Grylls, you are going to see him wearing a Jack Wolfskin fleece in a lot of pictures. “For [outdoor] clothing, I always stick with Jack Wolfskin,” Grylls said, explaining he not only trusts the gear but also admires the practices and ethos of the brand. When you pull on your own Jack Wolfskin fleece, you’ll know he’s onto something with the fit and feel of it all: this jacket is soft, warm, and cozy, perfect for wearing fireside on campouts or around town on autumn afternoons.


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