Audrey Roloff Gets Absolutely Trashed for Ridiculous Mental Health Advice

You won’t believe this, but Audrey Roloff is in trouble for something she said on social media.

Oh, what’s that?

You totally believe it? Because Audrey often says misguided things about love and relationships and/or about food decisions she makes on behalf of her children.

Okay, Fair point.

Audrey Roloff shared this photo in recognization of her own birthday in 2023. (Instagram)

In this latest case, the mother of three held an Instagram Q&A session on August 7 after a fan asked for tips on dealing with anxiety and stress.

“I definitely deal with stress and overwhelm but no anxiety,” Roloff replied via her Instagram Stories, adding in controversial fashion:

“I really believe that more people need to believe that you can live without anxiety because YOU CAN.”

The Little People, Big World alum did refer to anxiety a “massive issue” and said didn’t want to “oversimplify it,” but she also concluded that many people have “overcomplicated it.”

Oh, Audrey Roloff. Couldn’t you have ignored this question? (Instagram)

“Find out the root cause of your anxiety instead of just treating your symptoms. Make lifestyle changes accordingly,” Audrey continued.

“Pursue relationships that bring you peace, truly love you and support you and don’t add to your anxiety.

“Ask God, ‘What do you want me to know about my anxiety?’ and quiet your mind enough to listen.”

As you might expect, suggesting that folks ASK GOD about their anxiety, while not mentioning anything at all about seeking professional assistance, earned Roloff quite a few rebukes online.

Audrey Roloff is seen here, defending her views on mental health. (Instagram)

“[I] never said nor encouraged people to not seek treatment,” Audrey claimed after seeing the barrage of comments on her account.

“In fact, I encouraged the opposite,” she responded via her Instagram Stories. “To figure out the cause and explore solutions. Hence ‘start things and stop things.’”

Wrote one critic after viewing Roloff’s take on this sensitive topic:

“Highly disagree on this. Anxiety is a chemical imbalance on the brain. Unless you have truly experienced it, you cannot understand what it is like.”

Audrey Roloff posted this lovely family photo in honor of Easter 2023. (Instagram)

Other social media users referenced extreme situations where anxiety stemmed from childhood trauma and abuse, prompting this reply by Roloff:

“I believe you can be healed from childhood trauma. And I disagree with the statement that we can’t be healed from this side of eternity,” she continued.

For extensive clarity, Roloff noted that she was “not anti-medication” and instead “anti-masking symptoms.”

That’s good, we suppose.

Audrey Roloff shows off her bikini body while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. (Instagram)

In the end, we’re guessing Roloff does believe in therapy and that people can truly be affected by anxiety.

But we have to ask overall:

Why is anyone out there asking Audrey Roloff for advice on these subjects?

Why would anyone think she’s any sort of expert?!?



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