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Would you love to install black cabinets in your kitchen but are not sure about whether or not they are great interior design ideas? If yes, don’t fret, for you are not alone in this. Many homeowners prefer black in their kitchens, especially on the cabinets, for its boldness and suitability for contrast. 

Unfortunately, because cabinets with black paint have existed from time immemorial, contemporary homeowners tend to question whether or not they are on-trend design ideas. The good news is that this article features everything you may want to know about black kitchen cabinets

Keep reading to find out why black colored cabinets are a good idea for your planned kitchen renovation exercise. 

The Limitless Popularity of Black Kitchen Cabinets

From the interior of classic to modern homes, black is undoubtedly the most dominant color. While classic designers loved it for the simplicity of accessing it and working with it, contemporary designers seem to be attracted to black shades for their boldness, luxurious appeal, and ability to blend with different shades. 

Black kitchen cabinets are, therefore, the most common type of kitchen furniture. While amazing cabinet designs have interspersed with time, black colored cabinets have never been kicked out of fashion, thanks to the following factors. 

#1: Functional Properties

From cleaning to styling, black cabinets are uniquely practical. Regarding cleaning, these drawers are less demanding based on the fact that their shade can conceal dust and stay looking clean even in the absence of time-to-time cleaning. 

On styling, black kitchen cabinets can mix with everything, from colors to textures, finishes, ornamentation, and lighting. In this regard, they are easier to work with compared to cabinets with less-bolder paints, for example, cream and white cabinets. 

#2: Higher Resale Value

Cabinets with black paint have a longer lifespan compared to their cabinets with light paint. Dark-themed cabinet designs like black cabinets are generally considered durable based on their impressive resistance to tear and wear. Compared to their light-painted counterparts, black cabinets can retain their looks after prolonged use, which is a mark of durability. 

In this regard, if you decide to sell your black cabinets after using them for years, you can be sure that they will fetch you a good amount of money. Because everyone wants to get value from their fortunes, many people are choosing black kitchen cabinets for their impressive resale value. 

#3: Compatibility with Multiple Interiors

Besides mixing with everything, black colored cabinets can fit in all types of interiors, from classic to vintage, traditional, and modern interiors. Because of their neutral tones, you can pair them with rustic implements or industrial hardware to achieve traditional or modern kitchen designs respectively. 

Hence, regarding styling, a kitchen with black cabinets can easily be alternated between different designs, from traditional to modern as fashion comes and goes. Black cabinets, therefore, stand out as very convenient, compared to other types of cabinets. 

#4: Versatility

Choosing between black cabinet varieties is arguably an awesome experience, thanks to the versatility of these drawers. From design features like material and color to styling features like accessories and carvings, black kitchen cabinets are versatile. Regarding color, they come in all kinds of black hues, from charcoal and ivory, to matte black and much more. 

In terms of material, black colored cabinets commonly come in natural wood, artificial material, or a combination of both. You can also find them in traditional, classic, modern, transitional, and contemporary styles, all of which highlight their versatility. 

Tips on How to Make Black Kitchen Cabinets Stand Out

Black Kitchen Cabinets1

Now that you have discovered why black cabinets are great kitchen design ideas, it will be good if you learned how to use them to make a visual statement in your kitchen in terms of physical appearance. 

Consider the following if you want to make black colored cabinets stand out in the interior of your kitchen. 


Do black cabinets dominate a better part of your kitchen? If yes, your kitchen is more likely to be darker even during the day unless you work on enhancing the interior lighting. Because of their overpowering black stains, black kitchen cabinets cannot absorb light from natural and artificial sources of light. 

Hence, in the absence of sufficient lighting, they can make a kitchen hall seem dark, dingy, and out of life unless there is a sense of contrast. To avoid this, you need to enhance the contrast and lighting in a kitchen with black colored cabinets. You can achieve this if you try any of the following; 

  • Incorporation of a lighter tone on black cabinets
  • Mixing of black cabinets with lighter colors
  • Installation of artificial lighting fixtures
  • Enhancement of natural lighting sources, for example, freeing up windows

Accessorize the Cabinets

In the absence of accessories, black colored drawers can easily look bland and unattractive because their shade is largely neutral. Therefore, one sure way to make cabinets with black paint remarkably stand out is by patching them up with industrial ornaments, for example, shiny metallic knobs, pulls, etc. 

Because of their neutral finishes, however, black cabinets can perfectly match all kinds of material finishes, from the neutral finishes of raw wood to the bright-looking finishes of metallic fixtures and hardware. 

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Your black kitchen cabinets will not only stand out but also retain their outstanding appeal if you guarantee them regular cleaning and maintenance. Black cabinets might be exceptional at concealing dirt but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be cleaned. 

Regarding maintenance, you should replace broken fixtures and cabinet components immediately after you first spot them. Black cabinets, just like other cabinet designs, cannot stand out in any way if they are marked by worn-out fixtures, for example, broken hinges and dysfunctional cabinet doors. 

Final Thoughts

In the contemporary interior design industry, black kitchen cabinets stand out among the most notable kitchen design ideas. Because of their functionality, proven higher resale value, and compatibility with different types of interiors, black colored cabinets are the best design ideas you can go for if you want to make your cookhouse seem trendy and visually captivating. They also come in a wide range of varieties, which is a fact that fits them on the list of versatile cabinet brands.

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