Angela Deem Claims She Had to Fend Off Other Women’s Husbands on 90 Day The Last Resort

Next week, 90 Day: The Last Resort will premiere. Presumably because evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

Notorious franchise villain Angela Deem will be part of the cast, working on her toxic marriage.

We know that Angela and Michael are still legally married. But certain spoilers indicate that things didn’t go so well.

Meanwhile, to hear her tell it, Angela was having to fend off other women’s husbands left and right.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Angela Deem discusses why she continues to share her atrocious behavior on reality TV for all to see. (Entertainment Tonight)

To promote the looming and farcical 90 Day: The Last Resort spinoff, Angela Deem sat down with Entertainment Tonight.

“On one hand, it was really really, really great,” she said of her and husband Michael Ilesanmi’s participation on the show.

Michael had to participate remotely, despite three years of marriage. She was the only one there without her spouse.

Michael Ilesanmi participates remotely while Angela Deem appears in person on 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

“At least he was there, you know,” Angela said of Michael’s long-distance participation.

“But at the end what really got me at the end of the night,” she remarked.

Angela said that “when everybody got to go home or into the hotels with their partners or at least beside their partners, I didn’t.”

In a twisted turn of events, Angela Deem appeared to openly flirt with Jovi Dufren. This likely went down in the Florida Keys. (Instagram)

“That’s when the trouble really came,” Angela added ominously.

She said that this was “because I’ve had everybody’s husbands on my back porch and all the women getting their beauty sleep.”

Angela expressed: “I’m like, what the hell’s going on here?”

Angela Deem certainly appears to be in a sour mood in the 90 Day: The Last Resort teaser. But then, you never can tell with her. What does a good mood look like? (TLC)

“I can’t even worry about my own relationship,” Angela joked.

She said that this was “because I’m turning into Mee-maw now.”

Angela added: “You know, I finally had to put a stop to it and say hey, get your friggin’ husbands, I’m trying to work on my relationship, my husband.”

Angela Deem models what appears to be some sort of “swimwear” during the superteaser trailer for 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

As Michael allegedly grew jealous as she spent time with these men, she found herself envying other couples.

“It was sad and I didn’t let the couples know a lot,” she expressed.

Angela went on: “I did say a little bit about it because they would fight and argue and I’m like, you people don’t get it.”

Perhaps 90 Day Fiance’s most notorious recurring villain, Angela Deem appears alone in this promotional still ahead of 90 Day: The Last Resort’s premiere. (TLC)

“Y’all are together, y’all can fix this is you want it — we’re apart and we’re trying to fix it, you know?” Angela said.

She complained: “At night it was very, very very hard for me. It was very lonely, it was.”  

One truly remarkable takeaway from this interview is that Angela said that she went into the show believing that her atrocious behavior was somehow justified. It is not. Her actions have been abhorrent.

Angela Deem appeared on multiple phone videos in a violent altercation with friend Jennifer Dilandro at a hotel lobby. (Instagram)

“I had triggers. I never even knew what that word meant,” Angela admitted.

She said: “I bitch and raised hell because I get triggers, especially from my husband Michael, like, he’ll trigger me because he lies so much.”

Ah yes. Angela treats him this way because he makes her so angry? That’s pretty standard to hear from abusers.

Though TLC did not initially air the footage of Angela Deem laying hands on Michael Ilesanmi when she showed up to scream at him and damage his car, we later saw the inexcusable act of domestic violence in a flashback. (TLC)

Angela went on: “And little lie, big lie, doesn’t matter to me. You know, some people will just say it’s a little lie, to me a lie is a lie, like, we all lie, right?”

She rambled: “Like a bill collector says we need your rent or your furniture bill and you say, ‘Oh, something happened, I have to go to a funeral.’”

Angela’s oddly specific example continued: “But to me that’s not a lie because it’s something, it’s not hurting nobody, but when you lie to someone you love, that makes me furious.”

Though we have seen Angela Deem in many fights, some fans have told themselves that it’s all just an act for reality TV. Would that it were so. Her physical brawl with Jennifer Dilandro in a hotel lobby is a reminder that this is simply who she is. (Instagram)

“I never fully realized we have a miscommunication problem, honestly,” Angela confessed.

“I’m learning something every week from their culture, and I really wasn’t embracing that,” she said. “I wasn’t until the therapy.”

Angela claimed: “‘Cause I’m trying, you know? I’m trying to learn ’cause everyone thinks I got an anger problem. No, I don’t.”

“I don’t have an anger problem,” the notorious rage-monster claimed.

“I just have no tolerance for bulls–t,” she insisted. “And that’s it. I do. I don’t like bulls–t, even from my dog, you know?”

According to Angela, “When they find out I’m a Mee-maw and my heart’s good, I get run over. That’s why I got to stand up straight in the beginning, like, ‘no hell no, you’re not,’ but if they get into my heart, I’m done.”

Following her physical fight with Jennifer Dilandro, Angela Deem ranted to strangers while seeming to fall out of her clothing. (Instagram)

“I think this show is gonna knock everybody out the park, because this is the first time couples meet two weeks and live together on an island, not meet at the tell-all,” Angela teased.

“I get chills thinking about it. I’m very excited,” she expressed. “Even though some outcomes are bad, some are good, and mine, you just don’t know ’till you see it.”

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres Monday, August 14. A lot of franchise viewers have expressed disgust over this spinoff. But it might do well anyway.

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