Amy Duggar Stuns Fans, Reunites with Certain Family Member

Amy Duggar just dropped a sort of major bombshell.

Earlier this week, the niece of Jim Bob Duggar — who is very much estranged from her uncle and critical of most of her famous family members — jumped on her Instagram Story to update followers on her day.

“On my 3rd round of laundry!” she started off, rather innocently, prior to telling folks she went to the trampoline park… got ice cream… sold items on Facebook Marketplace… bought some “spidey stuff” from Marketplace… cleaned… and made a grocery list.

What’s the big deal then, right?

Amy Duggar is all dressed up in this photo, which she released online in July 2023. (Instagram)

In the middle of the this update, Amy also noted that she “saw” her cousin, Jessa Duggar Seewald.

Duggar didn’t elaborate on the nature of this visit. She just tossed it in among her post, causing fans to react in extreme surprise and also a bit of judgment.

“Love how she just casually threw in ‘Saw Jessa Seewald,’” one Reddit user wrote. “What do we think that was about? Just a run in?”

Another then chimed in as follows:

Saw Jessa Seewald’ as in got the kids together to play, or ‘Saw Jessa Seewald’ because Amy hunted her down, screamed her name and laughed like a crazy person.

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Amy took part this summer in an Amazon documentary that skewered her relatives, specifically the church they frequent and the supposedly Christian values they preach.

She has called out Jana Duggar in the past for being controlled by her mom and dad, but hasn’t said anything specifically biting about Jessa.

Just a few days prior to this Instagram upload, meanwhile, Amy stepped into some scalding hot water because she said she ran into Anna Duggar at a memorial service.

She then spilled tons of tea about the mother of seven, revealing some personal information about Anna despite the private nature of their accidental, and very brief, meet-up.

This is a split screen photo of Amy Duggar and Anna Duggar. (Instagram)

Anna “looked so ticked at the world,” Amy told her social media followers, adding:

“She’s obviously right there in front of me, so I go, ‘Oh,’ completely startled that I’m literally seeing her face after years.

“I said, ‘Anna,’ and I kind of patted her back and she said, ‘Just give me space.’ I gave her space, I didn’t make it a big deal and I walked away.”

Numerous times over the years, Amy has claimed she’s tried to reach out to Anna and has begged her to leave her disgusting husband.

Amy Duggar poses here with her husband and adorable son, Daxton. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Amy wasn’t done in this latest case, either.

She went on speculate that Anna — who exchanged vows with Josh in 2008 before welcoming seven kids with the proven pedophile — “knows that I have been talking about her” and “how I’ve been trying to reach her.”

Amy’s mom, Deanna, further explained that she did not even attempt to hug Anna to respect the claims about needing space.

“She obviously knows that I’m putting it out there that ‘Anna, you don’t have to be alone in this. We’re here for you, we’re gonna protect your children,’” Amy said on TikTok.

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