Amanda Wonders If She Got Into Razvan Relationship Too Soon After 90 Day Fiance Fight

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, we did not miss the epic highs and lows of Amanda and Razvan’s storyline.

After more than a week together in Romania, the two finally boned. The afterglow did not last.

Soon after, they got into a huge conflict.

This time, their fight left Amanda feeling ready to move on … and Razvan feeling just plain heartbroken.

The next morning, Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi bask in each other’s company. (TLC)

Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi have seen plenty of conflict since they first met in person. But they’ve had their good moments.

The night before they filmed for Season 6, Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, they had a great moment. A lot of great moments, in fact.

All of this (limited) time together, and they hadn’t had sex. That changed. And apparently, neither of them got much sleep.

Amanda Wilhelm cuddles on Razvan Ciocoi’s bare chest. (TLC)

“I feel like waiting just made it more special,” Amanda expressed. Obviously, she does not owe anyone an explanation.

“I was kind of worried I would feel bad to be with someone else — like, intimately — but I didn’t,” she shared. “I felt like it was a good thing.”

Good for her! Razvan is her first partner since Jason, her late husband. And Amanda was with Jason for twelve years, beginning in her teens.

When a producer asks Amanda Wilhelm if she “had sex all night?” with Razvan Ciocoi, her giggles provide the answer. (TLC)

“I’m hoping that we will just keep planning our future,” Razvan expressed.

“Because things are getting more serious with us being intimate,” he reasoned.

“And,” Razvan emphasized, “I hope that she will continue being 100 percent in this relationship and is committed to us.”

Razvan Ciocoi is excited to take Amanda Wilhelm to see Castle Bran. (TLC)

They had plans for the day. Amanda and Razvan would travel to Castle Bran.

While Bram Stoker’s Dracula is tragically a work of fiction, Vlad the Impaler was a real historical figure. He is actually something of a folk hero in Romania.

So it seemed appropriate and tourist-y for Amanda to visit the site. Razvan seemed pumped to take her there, and made some vampire jokes along the way.

Razvan Ciocoi knows that his lady love isn’t too keen on him kissing another gal, even in a music video. (TLC)

We learned during the ride to the castle that Razvan postponed the music video shoot. He wants to spend time with Amanda, not put her off by kissing a model on screen.

However, during the tour of the castle, Amanda and Razvan’s playfulness subsided. This time, it was Razvan who picked the fight.

He wanted to know that Amanda was serious. Namely, when she’s planning to tell her kids about their relationship. Right now, he feels like he’s lying to them.

Castle Bran is a lovely historic site, even if the museum overhypes the history of medieval torture a bit. (TLC)

“I have no idea when my children will be ready because I haven’t spoken with them yet,” Amanda replied. “And it probably will be emotional for them.”

She felt that he was being “pushy” and “not understanding” her.

Amanda knows that Razvan has a tourist visa, so this feels like a timely issue. But she also noted that she has no idea how to introduce a romantic partner to her kids. She’s never had to do this before.

“You don’t tell me almost anything,” Razvan Ciocoi accuses Amanda Wilhelm. (TLC)

However, it was a later morning when we see Amanda, alone in the apartment. The empty bottles of wine suggest that it started as a romantic evening.

But Amanda, doing her makeup calmly even though she was clearly upset, explained that Razvan had become “defensive” about his future plans.

“I pay all my bills just fine without him, but if he is coming there,” she said. “I would expect him to have a plan and be able to support himself financially. And not just sit back and chase his dreams while I’m supporting him and my kids.”

A producer asks Amanda Wilhelm “What’s going on?” the morning after she and Razvan had a huge fight. (TLC)

Basically, Amanda wants assurance that Razvan won’t remain jobless if he doesn’t immediately launch a successful career as an actor or singer.

Meanwhile, Razvan felt that Amanda was not supporting his goals.

When Amanda brought up how her late husband, Jason, had worked whatever jobs he needed to in order to provide for the family, Razvan felt hurt. He “can’t win a contest” with a dead man.

One of the topics of conflict, according to Razvan Ciocoi, was finances — and what he would do for work once he comes to America. (TLC)

Amanda acknowledged that she said some “hurtful” things during their fight.

“I told him, like, I think maybe he’s not the type of man I am looking for,” she confessed.

Amanda added: “I’m looking for a man that will put his pride aside and do anything for his family.”

A tearful Razvan Ciocoi wonders if his relationship is over. (TLC)

“I just don’t think that we go well together,” Amanda expressed. “I don’t know, did I get into a relationship too quickly?” (Yes)

“And also, like, does Razvan know how to be with someone who still has open wounds of losing a husband and being a widowed mom?” Amanda asked. (No)

Meanwhile, a tearful and brokenhearted Razvan wondered if it was over.

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