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I’ve trialled several devices with Current Body recently – I’m actually rather enjoying it. I do one post to explain the product, have a look at the claims and get to grips with the tech, and then another at the recommended ‘results’ time because I need to see what, if anything, the tool can do. I think I’m the right age (mid-fifties) for the ZIIP Halo (for which Current Body is the only UK stockist for) because younger skin is naturally more toned and bouncy. I’m not interested in turning back time and am happy in my skin, so the aspect of ZIIP that appeals to me most is freshness and radiance – both claims that the device makes. I take before and after pictures so that you can what you think. This device is founded by Melanie Simon, reportedly Jennifer Aniston’s facialist. Beauty tech is a key beauty trend that is still heading on an upward trajectory, bridging the gap between at home and salons treatments.

ZIIP Halo Review

To explain the ZIIP Halo properly, I’ve had to get to grips with nanocurrents. It turns out that nanocurrents and microcurrents are slightly different in that nanocurrents are smaller electrical currents than micro and work more effectively on skin at a cellular level by stimulating collagen and elastin production via the kinetic heat that’s generated. Microcurrents target muscle which is where the facial toning comes in. So, ZIIP Halo is working across the board to get both cells and muscles to work more efficiently.

ZIIP Halo Review

I’m also drawn by the ‘instant lift’ effect and the ease of use. You can, if you wish, use the app to guide you and while this is not a difficult device to use, I downloaded the app (reluctantly at first) and find it very useful. You can adjust your treatment to the time you have available – there is a range of suggested routines from two minutes to ten minutes as well as a ‘plan’ section so there’s an ‘event’ plan that shows you a week of intense treatments to ensure you are glowing for whatever event you want to look your best for.

ZIIP Halo Review

I’ll start on the New To ZIIP Halo 14 day plan which is as good as any place to begin. You should use the ZIIP Halo three to five times a week so a level of commitment is required. Obviously, you can come and go with it but if you want the best results, it’s going to take a certain level of compliance. I usually trial devices watching TV in the evenings or in bed in the morning (wine optional – possibly not for breakfast 😉 but you do you). ZIIP Halo is smooth in the hand, like a pebble, and very lightweight unlike some devices which make your arms ache like you’ve been weightlifting.

ZIIP Halo Review

In the above (very unglamorous!) pictures you can see a difference in my cheek on the right after using the 4 minute exercise. You will feel some tingling – it’s not painful but it is a strange feeling until you are used to it and you need a conducting gel (included). I’m sure you can use any conducting gel – ZIIP’s is quite pricy – so if you have some already, use that although I should say that ZIIP’s premium gels have skincare properties. The gel, like all conducting gels, is a bit tacky on the face but is suitable for all skin types – you can leave it on or take it off afterwards, it’s up to you. To start with, I’ve tried the 4 minute beginner session ‘The Lift’ on one side only – so you can take a look at the pictures and see what you think. I can see toning around my cheek area. I’ll be back in a few weeks to let you know how the longer term results are shaping up. In the meantime, the ZIIP is at Current Body for £349 HERE (shipping to UK and AUS, use this link HERE for US and Canada) – you can use JANEZIIP for 10% off the Halo (UK/USA/Canada) and any gels you might want to purchase.



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