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Leather outfits are popular among women of all ages. You can see this in fashion icons and celebrities who now, more than ever before, rock leather attire. In addition, designers have given the outfits a spin that ensures they look the part.

People have been skeptical about leather outfits for the longest time and have only preferred them during the cold season. However, that’s now in the past. You can wear your leather outfits all year round. The secret to looking great lies in the details and how you style your outfits. In light of this, here’s a quick guide to wearing leather outfits:


Leather pants will always turn heads. They fit most occasions and are easy to style, making them ideal for working and stay-at-home moms. When it comes to wearing pants, you must consider choosing the right fit. Leather pants look best when they fit perfectly. They shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. If you wear an overly tight one, you risk distorting it by overstretching. Furthermore, tight pants compromise your comfort. On the other hand, baggy leather pants display a tired look that’s not so classy.  

You should also consider the cut. Leather pants come in several cuts. Some of the most common cuts include skinny legs, low rise, high rise, straight cut, and boot cut pants. For these and other varieties, shop at Scanlan and Theodore leather pants or similar brands.  

Owning several cuts is essential for maximum versatility. For a night out, you can wear high-waist leather pants with an oversized t-shirt for a stylish look. And for a corporate event, you’re better off with straight-cut leather pants. Whatever the event you’ll attend, leather pants can be your go-to outfit.


Leather dresses are also worth your consideration. They’re perfect for formal meetings, perhaps with business partners or customers. In such a case, you may want to wear a black, sleeveless leather midi dress. You can pair it with black or red pointed-toe heels for a feminine look.

You can also wear leather dresses for an evening out with your spouse or girls’ crew. In this case, you may want to don a sleeveless or off-shoulder leather mini-dress. Such settings are an opportunity to show off a bit of skin and attract admiration.


Black and brown leather skirts are a timeless classic, perfect for professional engagements. They’re a necessary addition to your office wear collection. You may want the bottom hem to be around your knees and the waistline to be high to exude feminine vibes. Furthermore, consider the pencil-style cut for a more curvy look. You can also wear it with a leather belt to flatter your figure.

Official leather skirts go well with mono-colored blouses for work, which you can tuck into the skirts for a classy look.


Leather shorts are among some of the trendiest women’s clothing. Their sleek and elegant fashion sense gives them an upper hand.

If you’re comfortable flaunting your legs, the knee-cut shorts come in handy. Instead of the classic black leather shorts, you can go for cream or brown colored shorts. Know that how you style the shorts determines the overall appeal of your outfit. One trendy approach is wearing your knee-length shorts with an oversized sweater.

You can pair pink leather shorts with a blue blouse to create a casual look. For your footwear, consider putting on ankle boots.


Leather jackets are timeless street-style fashion pieces that are here to stay. They’re a perfect choice if you like making fashion statements. One styling option that stands out is layering it on your hoodie.

Alternatively, you can play around with its vibrant colors to elevate a laid-back style. For instance, you can wear a red leather jacket on top of a mute and dull-colored outfit, making the leather outfit stand out.


You can significantly boss up your workplace attire by wearing a blazer. The beauty of owning a leather blazer is that it can go well with every other outfit in your closet. However, pairing or matching your leather blazer with your other pieces makes the difference. For instance, when wearing your black blazer, it’s wise to go for black pants and then break them with a white, pink, or blue top. Alternatively, you can do a black top and a leather blazer with blue jeans.


Including leather outfits in your wardrobe considerably elevates your style. Ensure you match the pieces well for a more defined look. You can draw inspiration from street-style fashion icons or talk to a stylist. However, you don’t have to copy them. Borrow a bit here and there and develop a unique combination that sets you apart from the crowd.

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