90 Day Fiance Star Amanda Wilhelm Arrested for Battery After Alleged Roadside Beatdown

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Amanda and Razvan finally boned.

They then had a fight that left Amanda wondering if they have a future together. It also left Razvan in tears.

It turns out that, compared to some who have run afoul of Amanda, Razvan got off lucky.

Before Razvan ever entered her life, authorities arrested Amanda and charged her with battery. What’s this about a baseball bat?

Amanda Wilhelm dines at a traditional Romanian restaurant while on Before The 90 Days Season 6. (TLC)

According to the hard-hitting researchers at Starcasm, Amanda Wilhelm’s arrest included an altercation involving two other people … and an (alleged) baseball bat.

This went down in Panama City Beach, Florida.

And we want to make it clear that this was not a recent incident. It happened in 2010. Amanda would have been about 19 at the time.

No matter her mood, Amanda Wilhelm looks pretty in pink. (TLC)

So, what (allegedly) happened?

According to the police report and court records, she and a guy named Jeremiah drove up to a woman named Kayla.

Kayla was in her own driveway when, per the authorities, the two got out of the car and physically attacked her.

Even while on dates, Amanda Wilhelm has a lot to consider. (TLC)

According to the report, Jeremiah at one point restrained the victim while Amanda doled out the actual attack.

Reports also suggest that Amanda’s story “evolved” over time.

In one version, Kayla was armed with a baseball bat — and even allegedly struck Amanda in the knee.

Amanda Wilhelm recorded herself while flying out to Romania. (TLC)

Amanda apparently told officers that she simply wanted to “make amends for the bad situation that existed” between herself and Kayla.

It appears that luck was on Amanda’s side when her battery charges went to court.

She received a deferred judgment in the case. Instead, the court instructed her to carry out community service and take an anger management course.

Amanda Wilhelm didn’t need the spray tan to look great. (TLC)

Here’s where things take another turn.

According to the final document in Amanda’s case, as of April 2011, the deadline had passed without Amanda fulfilling the court’s orders.

This meant that she allegedly did not complete her 24 hours of community service and that she did not complete the anger management program.

Speaking to the confessional camera, Amanda Wilhelm tells viewers about her life. (TLC)

One interesting tidbit about the timeline is that this arrest likely happened around the time that she began dating Jason.

(They were together for 12 years, starting in her late teens, and he passed away in 2022)

But … let’s keep this in perspective.

There were some awkward moments when Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi first met. And some awkward moments in the days and weeks that followed. (TLC)

Amanda’s alleged behavior as a teenager, though alarming, likely does not reflect upon who she is now.

She’s a mother of two and she’s in her thirties.

Amanda is going through a lot, here and now. We’re rooting for her to find her happiness.

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