73 Funny Ways to Say Going to The Bathroom For Social Events

Considering that the need to urine or poop are natural human functions, it’s hilarious that people have so many funny ways to say going to the bathroom like it was something to be ashamed of.

The main reasons that people do not just flat out say ” I have to go pee ” or ” I have to go poop ” are psychological and they mostly include:

  • embarrassment
  • shyness
  • politness

When we are raised as kids, going to the bathroom is considered something private and not something you share with the whole world.

Another reason is that sometimes the action itself of pooping or peeing comes with embarrassing sounds or even smells so you don’t really want to share you just went to the bathroom to poop right?

Some people just find it more polite to hint that they need to use the potty and not just flat out describe to their friends what are they going to be doing there.

To that end, we collected the funniest ways to say going to the bathroom so you can use for inspiration next time you are with a group of friends and need to use the potty.

Funny ways to say going to the bathroom

1. I am going to tingle my wingle

2. I need to empty my tank

3. I need to drop a load

4. My tank is full, I need to go drain it

5. I need to go powder my nose

6. I feel a wizz coming

7. My magic wand needs recharging

8. I need to go unpack the cargo

9. I need to do the doo

10. I’m going to drop a deuce

11. I need to go make room for lunch for a second

12. I think the bathroom needs repainting

13. I think i’m going to go sit on the throne

14. I have an important call on the big white telephone

15. I’m going to plant a tree real quick – don’t wait up

funny ways to say going to the bathroom

16. I feel like a crap burrito is coming

17. My lunch needs to go out now

18. Take my food for a walk

19. Empty my tank

20. Release the beast

21. I got to go to this meeting

22. I think i’m going to take the browns to the super bowl

23. I’m going to my second office

24. I need to make a deposit

25. Gonna drain the snake

26. Gonna walk my dog

27. Unloose the caboose

28. Going to do number two

29. Gotta do number one

30. Going to see a man about a horse

funny ways to say going to the bathroom

31. Going to get the magic out

32. Gotta cook something out

33. Gotta throw my cookies out

34. Going to get my taco leak

35. Going to bleed the lizard

36. I am going to inflate some pigs ( Popular in Denmark )

37. I am going to make brown

38. I am going to print something 3d in the restroom

39. Gotta go return some video tapes Is for sure my favorite of the funny ways to say going to the bathroom

40. I am heading to duke city!

41. I am going to carpet bomb the place

42. I’m going to lose 5 lbs

43. Going to pinch one off

44. Going to squeeze the lemon

45. It’s time to drop the bass

funny ways to say going to the bathroom

46. It’s time to go painting ( while walking towards the bathroom )

47. I am going to make peepee

48. Just going to kill a brown snake

49. I am going to meet some bears

50. I’m going to pay my respects to the IRS

51. I’m going to the loo

52. I am going to shake hands with the mayor

53. Gotta tap a kidney

54. I have to go fill out some papers

55. Going to bomb Tokyo

funny ways to say going to the bathroom

56. Going to bake a cake – brown cake

57. I have to drop my kids off at the pool

58. I am going to lay some cable

59. I’m going for a download

60. I have a golden ticket to deliver

61. Morning glory

62. Gotta go punch my ticket

63. Gotta go give birth to food

64. Gonna make some stories for the news

65. Going to build a log cabin

66. Gonna have a serious conversation with my belly

67. Going to meet the big white god

68. Gotta go water the flowers

69. I have to go spend a penny

70. Going to go drop my anchor real quick

71. Gotta go pay the water bill

funny ways to say going to the bathroom

72. Gotta go walk the hobbits

73. Going to make some chocolate pudding

We can honestly go on and on, and we might update this list from time to time with more funny bathroom synonyms, but until we do, make sure you also check out these funny love memes and these funny speeding ticket quotes

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