65 Funny Birthday Greetings for Your Sister That She Won’t Forget!

Most people who have a sister would attest to the fact that it is amazing to have them around. Although they can be annoying sometimes (especially if you have a younger sister), there’s no denying that having a sister is truly a gift. 

Aside from being great company and giving you access to a second closet, having a sister is also good for your mental and physical health.

Some studies reveal that a sister’s presence can positively affect all siblings. They are able to provide something that brothers alone don’t seem to, and they contribute to happy kids who grow into well-adjusted adults. 

In other words, sisters are just full of awesome!

So, the next time you and your sister get into a fight over something small, remember that it’s probably just a little blip in your otherwise great relationship. Over the long term, you are a much healthier and happier individual because of your sister. They make you kinder, feel fewer negative emotions, are more independent and goal-oriented, and are balanced. 

To celebrate your sister on special occasions like her birthday, here are some funny greetings that you can use.

Funny Birthday Greetings for Your Sister

1. Happy birthday to my younger sister, and congratulations on having an older sister like me!

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2. I’d write a song about your grace and elegance, but our mother did teach us not to lie!

3. Happy birthday to my little sister who is reminding me of how old I am. Ugh! Now, let me have some of that cake.

4. My sister is the best sister there is… especially because we are the same size, so I can use her wardrobe as my second closet! Have a happy birthday!

5. Maybe my sister isn’t evil after all!

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6. I must admit that many times throughout my life, I wished that you weren’t my sister. But today, I’m sending you the best of wishes. Enjoy your birthday!

7. One of the best things about being your sister is having a best friend who is almost as beautiful as me. Just kidding! Best wishes on your birthday, sis!

8. I need to tell you why you are my favorite sister. Are you ready? It’s because you are dumb, and you don’t even know it. Happy birthday!

9. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how nice and comfortable your clothes are… oops! Happy birthday, my dearest sister, and may your closet always be full.

10. Sisters may get older but they don’t get any less annoying!

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11. Signs you’re definitely getting old: you look forward to bed at 10 pm and make plans with friends all while knowing that you’ll just cancel them later… hey, that sounds a lot like you, sister! Welcome to the ripe old age of… well, I won’t reveal that yet. Happy birthday!

12. I’m just glad someone possesses all my good qualities but better, if that’s even possible. Happy birthday, sister!

13. What is the point of dedicating an entire day to you when you know that you already get the most attention? Just kidding. Happy birthday!

14. Of all the gifts mom and dad could’ve given me, I’m thankful that it was you… so I could get away with blaming everything on my little sister. Just kidding, but sorry not sorry! Happy birthday to my little sister! And all joking aside, I love you!

15. My sister will always be a monster to me.

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16. To my sister, who I am least embarrassed to be related to… or am I? Just kidding! The happiest of birthdays to the coolest sister that anyone could ever ask for.

17. Happy birthday to you, you belong in a zoo. You look like a chimp, happy birthday to you! I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas, little sister!

18. Of all my siblings, life has blessed me with you as a favorite… because only you would be able to see the humor in receiving an empty box as a gift. Happy birthday, sis!

19. Happy birthday to my sister. As a child, you were much like a lioness. Now, well, you’re more of a lazy cat. Jokes aside, I hope you have a happy birthday!

20. You’re stuck with me forever, sister!

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21. As a child, my sister was definitely a little princess and the ultimate diva. It pleases me to see that nothing has changed since then. Happy birthday to my fabulous sister!

22. The best way to commemorate you, my dear sister, is for pharmaceutical companies to get your DNA and bottle it to create a product called The Emotional Healer. Because that’s who you’ve been to the whole family. Happy birthday, and we love you!

23. They say that if you don’t do the wild stuff while you’re young, then you’ll have nothing to talk about when you’re old. Dear sister, I hope this is a very memorable birthday full of so many stories!

24. Get two pieces of cake, place one in each hand, and eat them both for a balanced diet. Here’s hoping that you’ll always stay happy and skinny, my lovely sister!

25. Sorry, didn’t get you a present this time, sister!

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26. There are so many things to be thankful for on your birthday, like the fact that I remember it at all. Happiest birthday to my sister whose birth I’ll never forget!

27. Happy birthday to my younger sister. She is beautiful, smart, and kind, which is probably why she reminds me a lot of myself — we are so alike, it’s kind of scary!

28. There are few people in the world as wonderful as my sister. Except me. Just kidding, sis. Happy birthday!

29. To my sister, who can be the thorn in my side, the pimple on my chin, and the worm in my apple… but she’ll always be my sister, through thick and thin. Happy birthday to my silly, witty, beautiful sister.

30. My sister deserves the spotlight for once!

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31. Happy birthday to my sister! On this important day, I just want to wish you one thing: to find a willing sacrifice for your life who can finally handle your unpredictable character because I’m tired of it being me. Just kidding! You are actually so amazing. Happy birthday!

32. Having a sister is like having two of everything — two closets, two sets of things to use, two boyfriends… just kidding on that last one! Thank you for always sharing with me, even when you didn’t want to. It shows that you are generous with a kind heart. Happy birthday!

33. Wisdom typically comes with age… although I don’t know what age my sister will be when that happens. Celebrate your birthday as crazily as you can! Happy birthday!

34. I want to confess during this special day of yours that I’ve never found a better crime partner. All my crazy ideas worked out successfully because of you. I’m so lucky to have my baby sister as my partner in crime!

35. My sister is all of these things and annoying too!

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36. My sister is like a parent, teacher, and policewoman all in one. I’m still trying to figure out if that is or isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Happy birthday, sis!

37. It makes me happy to see that even with all your makeup, you’re still unable to hide your age. Happy birthday, loser! Oops — I meant sister!

38. The fact that it’s your birthday shows how grown up you are, and it brings me to tears… because soon I will have to hire a maid. Happy birthday, my sister!

39. Happy birthday to my dearest sister. Now that you’re a year older, I hope you’re a little bit less of a devil than you were in your younger years. God save us all. Just kidding! Happy birthday.

40. Sorry they left you out of the lineup for Disney Princess, sis.

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41. I know that saying “Happy birthday, beautiful!” would’ve made you happy. Sadly, lying isn’t really something I do often. Happy birthday, sister!

42. Happy birthday, sister! Now that you’re one step closer to Alzheimer’s, it might be good that you don’t remember some of the things you did in the past. Congratulations, and happy birthday.

43. Our family is known for being kind, sweet, and caring, and of all of us, my sister is one in a million. To be honest, I’m not sure how we are even related given that she’s the complete opposite! Just kidding. Happiest birthday!

44. Birthday wishes are just a bunch of lies. They make you smile and tell you you’re more beautiful with each passing year, but the truth is, dear sister, you’re not more beautiful this year than you were the last. Happy birthday!

45. You’ll look good eventually, dear sister!

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46. The best part about being your sister is that I get to have a best friend who is almost as awesome as me. Happy birthday!

47. You may be turning a year older today, but even when you live to be 100, you’re still going to be my little monkey. Happy birthday, my sister.

48. Birthdays are great because it’s the one thing we didn’t have to share as children – unless you’re a twin, then that sucks for you. Enjoy your birthday sis. It’s all about you today!

49. I told mom when we found you wild in the woods that if we brought you home, fed you, and treated you like a normal person, you’d grow up to be great. As usual, I was right. Happy birthday, little sis.

50. Sorry – you’re not actually adopted, sis!

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51. Another year, another wrinkle — congratulations. You still look beautiful, no matter how old you get. I’m not being sarcastic at all… or am I? Happy birthday!

52. Happy birthday! We’re so glad we took you out of that trash can, though the smell still lingers…

53. I never thought that having a little sister would be so much like taking care of a gremlin, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday, little sis!

54. This year, I got you gifts that any young woman would need in her life: a pocket knife, pepper spray, and a taser. You’re welcome, and happy birthday!

55. I’m not here for you, I want the cake! Just kidding.

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56. Happy birthday to my sister! I love everything about you, even when you’ve got makeup on because the panda eye look just does not suit you. Congratulations on your day!

57. I’m stuck with you for life, but if I had another choice to pick a different sister, you’d be the last one on my list. Just kidding! You are a wonderful sister. Happy birthday!

58. No matter how hard life gets, there’s always that one stupid person that can make you laugh. Yes, that’s you. Happy birthday.

59. I had a really funny joke to celebrate your birthday, but then I realized I didn’t feel like getting my ass kicked by a girl in front of a crowd. Happy birthday!

60. My sister is so much of a sister that she became a nun!

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61. Happy birthday, my sister. I hope you’ve figured out how to wear those adult diapers because I am definitely not helping you!

62. You might have been expecting a joke about your old age, but nah, I won’t say anything about that grey strand of hair I see just above your right ear. Happiest birthday to my older sister!

63. My sister is the luckiest person in the world, and that’s a fact because of my presence in her life. I know, I know, I’m cool. Kidding aside, happy birthday to my sister!

64. I hope you enjoy this year to the fullest because after a few years, you might start to feel embarrassed of your age. Happy birthday!

65. Sorry, I’m always gonna be younger, sis!

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