60 Anime Tattoos Gallery For Some Japanese Ink Inspiration

In the gallery below you can see a huge collection of anime tattoos and cool manga design ideas. We wrote about similar subjects in the past like this gallery of cool tattoo ideas.

This culture is rich and have deep philosophical meaning, sometimes visionary and many men worldwide, not only in Japan, were strongly influenced by it ever since teenage days. So, it’s no  wonder that many people decide to have manga scenes and characters done as tattoos.

Manga are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan. They have a long and complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. However, the manga industry has expanded worldwide, where distribution companies license and reprint manga into their native languages. An anime is a Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation.

Outside Japan, anime is used to refer specifically to animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.

In the gallery are some really extraordinary tattoo works as you can see on the first sight. But every one of them has also a strong symbolic meaning for the tattoo owner and other passionate anime and manga fans. A Geass, for example, might be a reminder to you about your metaphorical mission in this life.

If you are a passionate manga and anime fan you will certainly enjoy scrolling down the gallery. Anf if you just starting to get an interest in this interesting form of Japanese culture we recommend you to take your time to explore the world of anime through these fantastic tattoo works.

Coolest Anime tattoos online

1. The first on the anime tattoos list is this cool back piece

2. Here it is in its full glory

Here it is in its full glory

3. Amazing  job, look at that sun

anime tattoos 3

4. I love Japanese art

anime inks 4

5. Yellow looks amazing on the arm

anime inks 5

6. Kinda childish, but nice

Kinda childish, but nice

7. Cool sleeve comic style

anime inks 7

8. Love the hair work

anime inks 8

9. I love this anime tattoo sleeve

anime inks 9

10. Such a badass tattoo

Such a badass tattoo

11. Anime tattoos black and white style always look amazing

anime inks 11

12. Very detailed work

anime inks 12

13. A full anime scene on the back

A full anime scene on the back

14. Amazing blue and red shadows

anime tattoo designs 14

15. Notice the crack on the arm

anime tattoo designs 15

16. Throwing the grande at the crowd

Throwing the grande at the crowd

17. This is a work in progress anime back tattoo

anime tattoo designs 17

18. I love this character tattoo sleeve

anime tattoo designs 18

19. This is truly an amazing tattoo

This is truly an amazing tattoo

20. So many details

anime tattoo designs 20

21. Creepy tattoo anime style

anime tattoo designs 21

22. Dragon ball I think

Dragon ball I think

23. Work in progress and awesome play with the skin

anime tattoo designs 23

24. Black and white going in smoke

manga tattoos 24

25. Somewhat artistic

Somewhat artistic

26. Godzilla?

manga tattoos 26

27. My favorite on the anime tattoos list

manga tattoos 27

28. Drifting away

Drifting away tattoos 28

29. So happy

manga tattoos 29

30. Are you ready to fight?!

manga tattoos 30

31. Lunching from the ground

manga tattoos 31

32. This is really creative

This is really creative

33. Two leg piece

manga tattoos 33

34. Assassin in the night

Japanese tattoos 34

35. The lightning does it

Japanese tattoos 35

36. Amazing job on the arm sleeve

Amazing job on the arm sleeve

37. I love this leg sleeve

Japanese tattoos 37

38. The anime version of the Joker

Japanese tattoos 38

39. Huge back piece work in progress

Japanese tattoos 39

40. Golden boy

Golden boy

41. Street fighter character tattoo

Japanese tattoos 41

42. Trippy. Continue browsing the Anime inks list

Japanese tattoos 42

43. Anime mad hatter?

Anime mad hatter?

44. Do you recognize this character?

animated tattoos 44

45. Let’s fight!

animated tattoos 45

46. Very realistic eye

animated tattoos 46

47. Female anime characters ink

animated tattoos 47

48. Delicate and cool

Delicate and cool

49. Very colorful. The anime tattoos list continues below…

animated tattoos 49

50. Killer sleeve on the upper arm

animated tattoos 50

51. Creative anime ink

Creative anime ink 51

52. Fighting ninja tattoo

animated tattoos 52

53. Inside the square

animated tattoos 53

54. Is that a superhero or a villain?

Is that a superhero or a villain?

55. Today is bargain day!!

Asian tattoos 55

56. No colors, I love it

Asian tattoos 56

57. Ripping from inside the muscle

Ripping from inside the muscle

58. Popular anime tattoo design

Asian tattoos 58

59. Amazing work, the playful colors are cool

anime tattoos 59

60. I love geometric shapes

geometric shapes tattoo

61. Looks like Spirited away right?

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