6 Tasty Dishes to Try in Tokyo

Tokyo is home to some of the finest cuisine the world has to offer, and it’s among the healthiest in the world too. It is thought to be responsible for Japan’s longevity as a nation, with the diet of fish, vegetables and fermented food contributing toward a longer life expectancy. The added bonus is that Japanese food tastes just as wonderful as it happens to be for our health.

Of course visiting Tokyo is a dream for so many of us, and that dream can be made possible on board a Silver Muse cruise ship, which is surely the best way to arrive into Japan and sample the culinary excellence that the land of the rising sun has to offer.

From sushi to teriyaki, Japan really has everything, and is often emulated throughout the world. Try as they might though, the original Japanese cuisine is simply unbeatable when it comes down to it. Here are just 6 of the tastiest dishes.

1: Sushi

It goes without saying that Tokyo is the world capital for sushi, and naturally with that comes some of the finest sushi money can buy. Fresh produce plus masters of the art of vinegar rice making mean that Japanese sushi is really off the charts. If there’s one thing you can guarantee to be high quality it’s sushi from Tokyo.

2: Ramen

Though Koreans will claim ramen as their own, Japan also has its fair share of excellent ramen establishments. The chewiest noodles with an egg on top and plenty of vegetables – what’s not to like about this hearty and filling dish? Much like sushi, it’s pretty much everywhere in Tokyo, so you won’t be short of options.

3: Yakitori Chicken

Chicken skewers done right, brushed with a soy glaze before being grilled over charcoal. You’ve probably tried it before if you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant, but again, nothing beats the real thing in its real place of origin. Yakitori chicken is an absolute must-try in Tokyo.

4: Tonkatsu

You’ve had Schnitzel before, but have you had Tonkatsu? It is basically the Japanese equivalent, but it’s considerably crispier on the outside. Plus you won’t find any grease, so eat Tonkatsu to your heart’s content. Serve with steamed rice and shredded cabbage for the ultimate Tokyo dish. Once you’ve had Tokyo Tonkatsu, you won’t want to eat non-Japanese cuisine ever again.

5: Convenience store sandwiches

Okay, hear us out on this one – Japanese sandwiches are nothing like their UK or US counterparts. Far from a quick lunchtime convenience, a lot of preparation goes into these sandwiches. They’re perfect for those days you won’t have as much time to grab a quick bite. Why not bring an egg salad sandwich, or even a fruit salad sandwich to Mount Fuji? Anything is possible in Japan, whatever your tastes or preferences. 

6: Udon

Another noodle based dish on the list, udon noodles are a lot thinner than their ramen counterparts. Get it in a soup, or have it cold in an udon carbonara – anything is possible in a city like Tokyo. Suffice to say you won’t be disappointed by the cuisine on offer in the city.


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